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If you feel that primal instinct to go outside and garden this spring, I would recommend that you take Nike’s advice and “Just Do it!” Except this year consider letting a professional landscape contractor, ahem… that is, DSLD Land Management Company, come along side you to help you realize your properties fullest potential. There are so many places to start and so many plant options and hardscape possibilities, it can be overwhelming. So why not employ the knowledge and expertise of a pro to help guide your path… a rubber brick to a dime doughnut says it will save you a lot of heart ache and pay you back cash on the barrel head.

You may ask if a killer lawn and landscape can add value to your home… allow me to help you count the ways:

1. Aesthetic/Visible Value. This is the value that you can see from the street and looking out the front and back window. A plush new lawn, strategically placed splashes of seasonal color, the augmentation of natural areas thoughtfully appointed with trees and ornamental shrubs and maybe even a boulder or two thrown in add interest. Well-conceived gardens, recreational and living areas, not only add curb appeal, but also add a warmth outside that makes a house a home.

2. Economic Value. Quit spending money on frivolous things and make an investment in something that adds value to your home and you can enjoy now and for years to come. The Alabama Assoc. of Realtors (AAR) tells us nice landscaping can add anywhere from 7- 15 % to the value of your home.

3. Functional Value. While Botanicals can add beauty, peace and tranquility to the garden, sooner or later everyone is interested in how functional their yard is. Landscaping helps us solve landscape issues, cut down on maintenance and hide home and property imperfections. Adding function can also be fun and may be the most important feature to help get us out of the house! Perhaps an inviting swimming pool, soothing hot tub, play equipment for the tikes, or a beautiful retaining wall to level the lawn so the kids can play volleyball, soccer or croquet is your speed. Or how about a nice big deck on which you can entertain and barbeque with your family and friends.

Spring is a great time to begin to undertake these projects that can add so much value to our homes and coax us outside to breath in some fresh air. Many yards have seasonal color all year long but still, something is missing- “structure!” From large trees to boulders, beautiful natural rock walls, water features, fire pits and fun little pathways; the implementation of some hardscapes may be just what is missing in your garden. Call DSLD Land Management Company today and put our professional architects, designers and construction pros on your team this spring!

-David H. Sharp

DSLD Land Management Company, Inc.

www.dsldland.com, 205-437-1012

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