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The Grand Awakening: Grandparenting Matters

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“Why haven’t we thought of this before?”  Gerry approached me during one of our Grandparenting Matters seminars.  Dignified, neatly dressed, with perfect silvery-gray hair, he introduced himself as the chairman of the board of elders of the host church.  He choked back emotion as he bared his thoughts: “I have led the board of this church for years. I’ve taught Bible classes most of my adult life.  I also am a grandfather who dearly loves his grandkids. But it has never occurred to me to think through responsibilities as a grandparent. Why haven’t I thought of this before?”

Larry Fowler will be one of the featured speakers at The Legacy Grandparenting Summit hosted by Shades Mountain Baptist Church,

That morning, Gerry was awakened. Like him, most Christian grandparents love their grandkids dearly, go to their activities, give the parents a break, and support however they can. By the only standard they have heard—the cultural standard—they deem themselves to be good grandparents. But there is another standard—a higher standard—that most have never considered: the biblical standard. They are asleep to that, because they’ve never heard a message on grandparenting, never read a book, never attended a class or a seminar. Like Gerry, they are asleep to what the Bible says on grandparenting.

But now an awakening is underway; a movement is sweeping through our nation’s Christian grandparents. They are awakening to their biblical responsibilities, and to their potential impact in the lives of their grandchildren. This awakening is transforming relationships and giving new vision and purpose for the latter half of life.

Here is what is happening: grandparents are finding ways to stay connected with grandkids who live at a distance. They’re strengthening or repairing relationships with their adult children, so their impact on future generations can be greater.

They are praying more purposefully, writing their spiritual memoirs, and creating rites-of-passage for their young teenage grandkids; holding family camps for the grandkids, purchasing Bibles for them (and in some cases, customizing those with their own notes). They’re blessing their grandchildren, telling their own faith stories to them, and establishing spiritual traditions.

Church leaders embrace the movement as well. Hundreds of churches have now established grandparenting ministries, but we are praying for thousands. And others are contributing; now there are sermons, seminars, classes, and resources—all to equip grandparents for their important role.

We are praying that—not thousands—millions of Christian grandparents in America will see the higher standard and take the significant step from being a good grandparent to a “great” grandparent. Will you join us?

Save the date! The Legacy Grandparenting Summit—the only national conference on Christian grandparenting—is coming to Birmingham, Alabama on March 18-19, 2021.  It’s your opportunity to experience this movement for yourself.  Don’t miss it!

-Larry Fowler

Founder, The Legacy Coalition


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