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“My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever,” Psalm 73:26

July 30, 2019 started as a normal day for Darryl Fuhrman. It wasn’t until he started his daily workout video that things took an unexpected and frightening turn. “I was about eight minutes into my workout when my heart literally stopped beating and I expired,” Fuhrman shares. By God’s grace, his mother (who has been a nurse since the Korean War), stumbled upon him and immediately called for help and began administering help in the waiting time. 

Darryl Fuhrman playing football at Alabama
Darryl Fuhrman is a former college athlete himself. He played football for the Alabama Crimson Tide under Coach Ray Perkins.

Fuhrman was taken to UAB and after many days full of uncertainty and countless heart monitors, Fuhrman underwent surgery. The doctors planned to crack his chest open and give him an artificial mechanical heart valve. Before the risky surgery, Fuhrman came to terms with the fact that he might not wake up. He wrote letters to family and friends describing the goodness of God no matter the outcome of the surgery and encouraged them to continue strong in their faith- to forgive quickly, love freely and serve the Lord. “I often thought during that time what dreams may come, or will I finish the race,” Fuhrman says. His surgery was successful and he is thankful for his recovery. 

Darryl Fuhrman
Darryl Fuhrman is a native of Southside, Ala. The devastation experienced in Tuscaloosa and surrounding cities on April 27, 2011 spurred Fuhrman to start Lettermen of the USA.

Since that harrowing experience in 2019, Fuhrman hasn’t stopped giving back. He is the Founder of Lettermen of the USA(LotUSA), which is a 501 (c)(3) organization that serves those in local communities that are in need. “LotUSA has teamed up to help serve honorably discharged veterans, wounded veterans, disaster victims, and former college players in need.” Fuhrman adds that since LotUSA was founded in 2012, the organization has been able to help more than 13,000 people. Since waking up after his surgery, Fuhrman feels that every day is vital in the mission of serving others. 

On March 11, LotUSA is hosting the 2022 One Yard at a Time Gala at The Club in Birmingham. Proceeds from the Gala will directly benefit and serve discharged and wounded veterans and former college athletes in need. The Voice of the Crimson Tide, Eli Gold, will be the Athletic Honoree and Lt. Gen. Willie J. Williams, USMC Retired will be the Military Honoree. To learn more, visit www.lotusa.org

-Melissa Armstrong

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