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The Blessings of a Dead End

Publisher’s Note


I realized the other day that all the homes I have lived in over my 50 plus years have all been on Dead Ends- five of them! As a young girl growing up in Homewood, our house was situated at the very end of a dead end street which made for a great gathering place for the neighbor kids. For my sons growing up, it was such a blessing not to have to worry about traffic as they road their bikes as a gang of boys up and down our dead end street.

What feels like and looks like a “dead end” in life often stops me in my tracks. It certainly slows me down. Could it be God is blessing me with a time to reflect and ask Him, “What’s next?” or “What do You think?” Could it be He is giving me an opportunity to trust Him to get me where I need to go despite what I perceive to be a “dead end” of circumstances? I think about my first real job out of college and how a turn of events suggested a “dead end” or at least a “detour” from my dream of a reporting career. Instead, it pushed me to interview for a reporting job in Chattanooga Tenn. where I could make mistakes on the air- not in my hometown- and come back home to a much better job at the same station that had rejected me. That’s a Dead End blessing!

What about you?

These last few months we have all faced circumstances that we would never imagine- maybe it has looked like a “Dead End.” Can you see a silver lining, a blessing in it? We would love to hear from you! Share with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or send us an email we can share.

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