Senior Scene Somerby Living Room 2

The Benefits of Living in a Community During COVID-19

Senior Scene

Senior Scene Somerby Living Room
Renovations at Somerby at St. Vincent’s One Nineteen are 99.9% complete! The community is located at 200 One Nineteen Blvd, 35242.

Increased isolation has been a common problem for most of us during the pandemic. For older adults at higher risk for contracting Covid-19, isolation has often been a necessity. However, safe options at senior living communities like Somerby at St. Vincent’s One Nineteen is allowing senior adults to break out of isolation. Jamie Wise, Executive Director of Somerby says that new residents who have arrived since March have commented, along with their families, on what a difference the residential community has made in their lives versus being isolated at home. “It has been wonderful and a better option for our residents to live at the community rather than staying home,” explains Wise.

At Somerby, the staff strives to create a vibrant community life while keeping all residents and visitors safe. Through Somerby’s White Glove Confident Clean Program, all of the common and high touch areas are re-sanitized eight times a day. “We make sure that a resident room, when they choose to come to the community, is sanitized with our fogger, wiped down and sealed,” Wise explains, adding, “The person coming in is the person that breaks the seal to the door and knows that the room is 100% sanitized and cleaned.”

Betty Hagel and Jamie Wise holding book
Despite Covid-19, creativity abounds at Somerby. When the pandemic began, assisted living resident Betty Hagel(right) began to write her life’s journey for her family that turned into a book, Pandemic Ponderings! Here she is seen showing it to Somerby’s Executive Dir. Jamie Wise.

Wise shares that residents continue to enjoy socialization with others. Even though Somerby can only seat 50% capacity in the dining room during the pandemic, residents still have the opportunity to socialize with their friends. “Being able to go to the different areas of the building- like the library or theater or even just the living room area- has been extremely helpful to the residents.” Somerby also offers residents fun activities, like bingo and outdoor concerts, just with modifications to meet state safety guidelines. On a typical day, residents have several activity options available to them including art and movies. Residents also enjoy three meals a day from the dining room and have the option of having their food delivered to their room. “Having the meal options available to them has really kept their motivation and outlook on life up,” Wise says.

In all aspects of operation, Wise adds that Somerby staff continues to serve by its four service pillars:

1. To show love.

2. To serve with purpose.

3. To protect with care.

4. Exceed expectations.

To learn more about life at Somerby at St.Vincent’s One Nineteen and take a 3D tour of the building, click here or call 800-760-3616.

-Melissa Armstrong   

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