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Mission Makers

Daniel Cason Ministries reaches out to the homeless, the helpless, the hurting, the hungry and the hopeless with the love and compassion of the Savior. The week leading up to Thanksgiving 2022, free groceries will be distributed to those living in the poorest communities of Birmingham. Last year with your help we served families in 10 communities. This year our goal is 20 communities! The Tuesday before Thanksgiving, the ministry will also distribute hot meals, groceries and clothing all day at the ministry center, located at the corner of Graymont Avenue and 7th Street North (538 7th Street North,35203).

Daniel Cason Food Drive
Daniel Cason is seen here with canned goods donated last year by Briarwood Church to be given out to families in the poorest communities of Birmingham. If your organization would like to host a food drive for this year’s event, call 205-365-1800.

To make this happen we need at least 100 organizations to donate canned and dried food. We also need many volunteers to help us deliver help to these families. Would you consider telling your “group” about this event and help us feed our brothers and sisters for Thanksgiving? You can help by hosting a food drive. Call 205-365-1800 for more details and to sign up.

Throughout the year, Daniel Cason Ministries provide those in need in our community with:

  • Thanksgiving Outreach: Groceries, Clothing, School Supplies, Toiletries
  • K.I.D.S. – Kids in Divine Service Music & Arts Training
  • K.A.S.P. – Kids After School Program
  • Our Daily Bread hot meals to those in need
  • Bread of Life Feeding & Clothing
  • GED Preparation Classes

It’s easy to donate & keep track of your contributions! The Daniel Cason ministry has an administrative system with the National Christian Foundation to help more efficiently process your donations and provide the tax receipts you de- sire and need. To sponsor one of our programs:

    • Make check payable to National Christian Foundation
    • Mail to- National Christian Foundation/Alabama 400 Office Park Drive, Suite 201, Birmingham, AL 35223
    • In Memo Section of Check Write: K.I.D.S./Daniel Cason KIDS Ministry #1171757

Remember, people really don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care! One person can’t do everything, but everyone can do something. Please help us!

— Rev. & Mrs. Daniel M. Cason, Daniel Cason Ministries

London Heiser and family

Miracle Moments

Brought to you by: Molly Maid of Birmingham, www.mollymaid.com/birmingham

“I waited patiently for the Lord; He turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; He set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God…” Psalm 40:1-3

As a child, I was hurt and ashamed. Forced to carry the struggles of the adults around me, I frequently moved from place to place. The only consistency I experienced was the physical abuse, neglect and yelling. Because of its consistency, I didn’t realize at the time that it was abnormal. But somewhere deep inside I questioned it. Why do I feel so helpless? Why do the people around me not see me as a child who longs for love? I had so many questions, no voice to express them and no one to help me find the answers. Until I came to Big Oak Ranch.  

London as a young girl
London Heiser says her time at Big Oak Ranch helped her find freedom and healing.

Excited, but nervous, I arrived at Big Oak and even the permanence of the Girls’ Ranch sign reassured me that this would be different. I walked through the doors of the office and the smiles on every face told me I was wanted. They would hear me. They would see me. I just knew it.  As I settled into my new home, I was encouraged to ask hard questions and to talk about my feelings. For the first time, people listened. I found the freedom to grow and heal as my Big Oak family helped me navigate the difficult answers to my questions. As I walked this journey, I was surrounded by people who were patient with my mistakes, firm in discipline and unconditional in their love for me.  

London Heiser and family
London Heiser is seen here with her husband Colton and their daughter Haven.

Big Oak showed me not only what childhood should look like, but what parenting truly is. I saw marriages that operated from a desire to elevate and love one another, with the intentionality to build a family that is strong and equipped for the future. We did chores on the Ranch together and I learned how to budget – how to tithe, pay bills, and save and spend wisely. From a girl with so many questions and no voice, to a wife and mother who has found healing, I might not understand every answer, but I do now understand how God intended family to be. I do understand that there is hope. My husband, Colton, is my best friend and we work together to ensure life is different for our beautiful daughter, Haven.

When I visit Big Oak and see each new Family Beach Trip photo hanging on the wall, I am filled with gratitude for a home where other children can find a place to belong, a place to also find their voice. To read more, visit www.bigoak.org

-London Heiser

Bill Norton in Isreal

Senior Scene

En Gedi on the Dead Sea was amazing on our trip to Israel in 2019. But more lasting than the sights was my conversation on the long flight with Pam and David, a young married couple. Pam worked at a crisis pregnancy center, and she described a ministry opportunity back home for men, even old guys like me. 

Pam explained that the most important factor when an expectant mother is weighing an abortion is the opinion and support of her male partner. Nothing else comes close. Pam spoke of the urgent need for men trained to work with the partners of women in crisis.  I had always believed that abortion was a tragedy, but now, I realized I could do something to avert this heartbreak. When I got home, I contacted the Pregnancy Test Center in Vestavia (also known as Sav-a-Life) to enlist as a client advocate.

Bill Norton in Isreal
Pictured above is Bill Norton on his trip to Israel.

Client advocates help young people cope with pregnancy, parenting, and sexuality. The training for this role emphasizes understanding the client in a spirit of non-judgmental love. The training also explains how to present Christ so that the client can become a Jesus follower as the Spirit leads. I wondered how a sixty-something could relate to a twenty-something. I need not have worried. In my experience, the young men are desperate for words of knowledge and hope. Many do not have a father active in their lives, so they are open to my experiences and spiritual testimony. The needs are all over: from happy to be expecting and in need of advice, all the way to needing reasons why keeping the baby is the best course. Most of the young men need confidence. They are starved for someone older who made it to tell them: you can make it too. 

The openness to the Gospel is thrilling. I was on full-time staff with an evangelistic ministry but never had the response rate I have with these clients. Most will ask Christ into their lives when the offer of eternal life is presented in a loving, factual, and non-threatening manner. The leader of my small group at church once told a parable of a couple who retired and moved to a comfortable retirement village. They spent their days collecting seashells on the beach. When they died and stood before the Lord, he asked how they invested their retirement years. They presented their seashell collection. As seniors, how do we want to end our days? What will we present to the Lord? A worthy goal is to be working with young lives for the kingdom of God.

Bill Norton-Bill Norton


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Easter is April 17! Here is a list of Easter Week Services and Activities happening in and around Birmingham. Click on the links for more details.

April 10:

Palm Sunday Service at Vestavia Hills United Methodist

Easter Egg Hunt at Vestavia Hills United Methodist

April 11-13

Holy Week Lunches at Vestavia Hills United Methodist

April 14

Maundy Thursday Communion at Clearbranch UMC

Maundy Thursday at CrossPoint Church

Maundy Thursday at Vestavia Hills United Methodist

Maundy Thursday at Double Oak Community Church Mt. Laurel

April 15

Good Friday at Shades Mountain Community Church

Good Friday Worship at Clearbranch UMC

Good Friday at Vestavia Hills United Methodist

Good Friday at Double Oak Community Church Mt. Laurel

April 16

THE BIG HUNT at Clearbranch UMC

April 17

Easter Services at Clearbranch UMC

Easter at Vestavia Hills United Methodist

Easter Sunday at CrossPoint Church

Easter at Shades Mountain Baptist Church

Easter Sunday at Indian Springs First Baptist Church

Easter at Shades Mountain Community Church

Easter at Double Oak Community Church Mt. Laurel

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Special Feature

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Phil. 4:6-7, ESV).

The best time to start anything was yesterday and the next best time is right now, so the saying goes. The daily commute, baseball practice, and homework can all become so overwhelming that for most of us, we are just trying to make it to the weekend! But we are called as parents to a holy vocation, indeed a vocation that many would-be parents envy as they struggle with infertility. This holy vocation is to raise our children in the covenant of God’s grace. I don’t expect this will come across very well but everything else is a distraction when it comes to our relationship with the Lord. But even tithing a couple hours of our day to the Lord sounds taxing when you have work, commitments, and then your children’s school and their extracurricular activities – what is a Christian to do?

Re-read the verse I started this article with. The modern hustle and bustle creates anxiety – but the solution is to seek the Lord who calms the seas through prayer and giving thanks. The promise God gives us is His peace – a deep and abiding, peace from the anxieties and distractions of this world. As parents, we are called to lead our children. This means starting at home by setting a time for family prayer and devotion. If you have never done this before, I know it can be awkward at first. But again, do not be anxious but be faithful. As a trivocational pastor with three little ones I can sympathize that the days can get away from you – so be encouraged by starting slow and growing from there.

We can pray or have devotion anywhere- even in the carpool line! While driving our kids to school I pray over them for the new day and during the evening they pray for tomorrow and give thanks for the day that has passed. If everyone gathers over a meal then end the meal with a short portion of the Gospel and reflect upon it. You will be amazed by what your kids take away from our Lord’s parables and teachings. Older children are fed a lot at school – so fill them with spiritual knowledge to benefit their soul. Use a catechism as a tool and work through a question a night and dig into the Scripture references to get your pre-teen or teen deeper in the Word and in their faith. Your grandchildren will thank you one day when they too are being raised in the faith. 

-Rev. Andrew Brashier 

Senior Pastor of the Anglican Church of the Good Shepherd

Author of A Faith for Generations: A Family Prayer Guide in the Anglican Tradition

Transformation Ministries Class Picture

Mission Makers

Community Partner Logo 20 Years 150x150Brought to you by: Community Partner Convene, www.convenenow.com

Are you struggling to figure out your purpose in life? Do you feel that something from your past is blocking you from that purpose? Have you always wanted to help others but don’t feel qualified or even know where to start? Would you like to go deeper with God? Feeling overworked, but wondering how to rest and serve God at the same time? Well, you’re not the only one with those questions! Transformation Ministries (TM) was founded and developed to help people receive healing, restore hope and then train and equip you to pursue God’s purpose for your life. 

Transformation Ministries Class Picture
Transformation Ministries classes for the fall semester begin August 17. To register, visit www.trministries.org.

Transformation Ministries does three things: 

1. We provide biblical counseling to hurting families and individuals.

2. We train and equip the layperson to help others. 

3. We do inner healing and deliverance ministry using the Restoring the Foundations (RTF) prayer model.

The TM School of Ministry offers a four-semester program with each semester lasting about 13 weeks. The fall semester starts August 17 and registration is open now. Visit www.trministries.org to register now. These inner healing classes will change your life. For the Fall of 2021, we’re excited to announce our new Hebraic Institute partnering with “Be One Ministries” with Jeff and Sherri Friedlander. Be One Ministries is a ministry in the local Birmingham area seeking to help Jewish and Christian/Gentiles believers become one family under Messiah, Jesus. The first class taught by Rabbi Jeff Friedlander will be an exciting and interesting way of reading and understanding the Bible from a Hebraic point of view and understanding. Some key topics are The Living Word, The Living Spirit, The Living Communion, The Living Law, Living His Rest, and History of Biblical Israel and Judah to the New Testament. 

Transformation Ministries LogoTransformation Ministries offers free high-quality biblical counseling to hurting individuals and families and we are a resource offered to all churches. If you need healing physically, mentally, or emotionally, our prayer teams are praying every day and our prayer rooms are busy. Anyone is welcomed to make an appointment and come receive from the Lord. This summer we are hosting a marriage conference with Dan and Lydia White on August 27-28 at Liberty Church in Birmingham. If your marriage needs help or you just want to make it even better, you won’t want to miss this time with a dynamic and musical family leading worship, teaching, and breakout sessions. For more information about this conference or to register for any of our upcoming events, visit our website, www.trministries.org or call 205 991-4988 for more information.

-Warren “Rock” Hobbs

Founder, Transformation Ministries



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Encouraging Word

The word call is defined as “to ask or to invite.” I Corinthians 1:26 says, “For consider you calling…” And II Peter 1:10 tells us, “Therefore, brethren, be all the more diligent to make certain about His calling…” It is amazing that Almighty God would call us to Himself and that He would invite us to receive His salvation and to share in His blessing. To me, God’s call is threefold: there is a call to salvation, a call to sanctification and a call to service.

1. Call to Salvation. God established and initiated His plan to rescue us from our bondage to sin. The first step to salvation is a conviction of sin. John 16:8 explains, “And He (Holy Spirit) … will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment.” We must admit that we have sinned. I John 1:9 tells us to confess our sin. Next, there is a call to repentance. There should be a genuine remorse. II Corinthians 7:10 says, “Godly sorrow brings repentance that leads to salvation…”

2. Call to Sanctification. Sanctification refers to being “called out” from the world and “set apart” for Godly service. As Christ-followers, we are in the world but not of the world. Sanctification involves the process of spiritual growth which begins after we are born again and experience spiritual birth; as we mature in our Christian walk and journey with God.

3. Call to Spiritual Service. We can only be effective in service if we have been prepared for service. Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do.” The Bible teaches that as Christians, we have been assigned a spiritual gift(s) to be used in Christian service. I Corinthians 12:7 explains, “Now to each one the manifestation (gift) of the Spirit is given for the common good.”

Let me encourage you to be attentive and responsive to God’s calling!

-Tony Cooper Encouraging Word Tony Cooper NEW HEAD SHOT Aug 15 201x300

Former Exec. Director, Jimmie Hale Mission. Recently honored for his 29 plus years of service at the Mission. Pastor of Pineywood Baptist Church, Gardendale, Ala.

Mission Makers Lovelady Women Worshipping

Mission Makers

Mission Makers Lovelady Women Worshipping
Every woman hears the Good News of Jesus Christ while staying at The Lovelady Center. Pictured above is a snapshot of a worship moment at TLC.

The Lovelady Center (TLC), founded in 2005, is a drug addiction treatment and prison reentry center located in Birmingham. What makes TLC different than other treatment centers? John McNeil, Chairman of the Board and Chief Operating Officer at TLC, explains it’s the fact that every woman and child who comes through the doors at TLC hear the hope of Christ and the forgiveness available to them. “The Lovelady Center is faith-based. From our perspective, faith in God is the only thing not going to fail them after a woman leaves TLC,” McNeil says, adding that the center is a long-term, residential, faith-based program. 

McNeil shares that roughly 400 women and 75-80 children are at TLC at any time. Women seeking recovery at TLC typically stay for an average of one year. TLC implements a five-phase program that includes Christian counseling, Bible Study and Parenting Skills, Job Readiness, and more. The courses are designed to equip the women with tools to successfully reenter society. “We believe recovery works best in community,” McNeil says adding, “I go in every day and watch God do miracles.” 

Mission Makers John McNeil
John McNeil has served as the Lovelady’s Chairman of the Board for eight years. When asked what he does for his job, he responds with, “I go in every day and watch God do miracles.”

How do the two Lovelady Center Thrift Stores- located in Clay and Irondale- help the mission of TLC? “The thrift stores are a great source of job readiness for the women at TLC,” McNeil explains, adding that the thrift stores provide close to 50 percent of the operating budget for TLC. “God continues to bless these stores tremendously.”

How can you help? The two thrift stores are accepting donations of slightly used furniture, clothing, and more. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, TLC has several! McNeil explains that the program’s classes are often taught by volunteers. In addition, TLC welcomes volunteers to help at the daycare center, lead Bible studies, help in the kitchen, and more. “There are talents that so many people have that can be of value to nonprofits like TLC.” If you wonder what kind of help you could be at TLC, McNeil responds with, “You would be surprised.” To learn more about TLC, visit www.loveladycenter.org

-Melissa Armstrong

Dr. Davis being visited by Dr. Dugas at UAB

Miracle Moments

Brought to you by: Molly Maid of Birmingham, mollymaid.com/birmingham

“You restored me to health and let me live. Surely it was for my benefit that I suffered such anguish. In your love you kept me from the grave.” Isaiah 38:16-17

Dr. Davis being visited by Dr. Dugas at UAB
Dr. Jeff Dugas visiting Dr. Davis a few days before he was discharged from UAB. The two physicians practice at Andrews Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham.

In 2020, I went on a journey I would never have chosen to go on but one that led me to a deeper understanding of God’s love and mercy, the importance of relationships, the power of community prayer, and experiencing the realization that He still performs miracles today. As an orthopedic surgeon at Andrews Sports Medicine, I have had the privilege to operate on thousands of patients and improve the quality of life for countless individuals. I have seen innumerable not easily explained phenomena in medicine but had never directly experienced a miracle. 

Dr Jeffrey C. Davis Sheri Davis Praying Over Dr. Davis Via FaceTime
Dr. Davis’s wife Sheri prays over him via Facetime, while he was asleep and recovering at UAB. Dr. Davis shares that prayers and the words of Isaiah 38: 16-17 and Romans 8:11 helped sustain him during his grave illness.

I contracted COVID-19 at the end of October of 2020. I became extremely ill and developed breathing issues with decreased oxygen saturation. I was transported by ambulance to UAB Hospital and was admitted into the Covid unit on November 13. Within 2 days, I was admitted to ICU and became better due to an experimental drug. After completing the drug study, I was admitted again to ICU. The loneliness and despair were mitigated by praying and quoting scripture with my wife and listening to Christian music. I deteriorated due to bacterial pneumonia, pulmonary emboli, and acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). I had to be intubated emergently due to respiratory failure as I was unable to maintain oxygen levels and to remove carbon dioxide. As a last-ditch effort, I was placed on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) to try and oxygenate my blood and remove carbon dioxide as the ventilator was not effective. The intubation and ECMO were both done expeditiously as the UAB staff had contacted my wife about my dire health status. When I was the most ill and near death, there was an outpouring of intense petition and prayer which I believe led me to the miracle of my recovery from what appeared to be in the natural, a hopeless situation. After being on the ECMO device for 3 weeks, I was able to come home on December 31. I was extremely excited to get home and to leave 2020 behind!

Dr. Jeffrey C. Davis with His Wife and Daughters
Dr. Davis and his wife, Sheri, with their three adopted daughters, two from Guatemala and one from the US. The adoption process with each daughter was different, but difficult and grew their faith in Christ. “There were so many obstacles over months and months,” recalls Dr. Davis but adds that God opened doors to bring the girls home. The family attends Church of the Highlands.

I have worked diligently in a Cardio-Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program and am currently back at work and require oxygen only to exercise. I am so grateful for the multitude of prayers from the Body of Christ and the skill of the doctors that saved my life. The community of believers praying for me extended from Birmingham, Israel, Africa, and Australia. The continuous prayer of believers both day and night occurred during my entire hospitalization. The power of love shown to me displayed by my wife and family, friends, pastors and church family, colleagues, co-workers, patients and those that just heard about my plight along with the presence of God was sustaining and life giving. There is only one explanation of my survival, and it was receiving a miracle from Jesus! My chance of survival was less than 50% and risk for complications much higher than that.

I am so grateful for the prayers, encouragement, love, and friendship of so many. But most of all, I am grateful to God for the miracle of renewed life and improved understanding of what is important in life. The story of the resurrection of Jesus has so much more meaning to me this year. I want to tell others my testimony and am thankful for His love and miraculous power. To God be the Glory!

-Jeffrey C. Davis, MD

And if the Spirit of him who raised Jesus from the dead is living in you, he who raised Christ from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies through his Spirit, who lives in you. – Romans 8:11

If you have a Miracle that you would be willing to share, please email melissa@christianfamilypublications.com. Subject Line: Miracle Moments or call 205-408-7150.

bigstock Open Bible 318707

Miracle Moments

Brought to you by: Molly Maid of Birmingham, mollymaid.com/birmingham

In 2009 at the age of 30 I was paralyzed from the waste down from an overdose. My body was swollen triple in size. After months of seeing doctors in Birmingham and Nashville, I was diagnosed and given an in-home IV infusion of immunogammaglobulin for 10 months. The doctor said it was a shot in the dark and not to have false hope of walking again. Over the months of being paralyzed, I began to grow close to God. Then, just when I trusted again my fiancé whom I was to marry in six months was killed in a car accident. I had lost everything except my faith in God. People would stare at me in grocery stores and ask me questions. One time someone said “You are too young and beautiful to be in this wheelchair. Is this temporary?”  I was in so much mental pain, but I trusted God. One day in Walgreens I was rolling along behind my mother and a man approached me. He began to speak Jeremiah 29:11 over me and followed up with, “On Christmas Eve you will walk up a flight of steps. And in time, you will reach many for the glory of God.” 

Alana and her mother Lee
Alana Bevis with her mother Lee who witnessed her miraculous recovery. “At one point I thought I had truly lost my daughter completely. I couldn’t reach her through love or support. I had to completely let go and let God,” explains Lee Bevis.

That was June. The next six months would prove to be the most painful months of my life. I was mourning the loss of my love and the loss of my legs. But I would not give up. I talked my doctor into giving me a walker. I thought if I just had a goal in front of me that I could try harder. I fell probably 500 times in those months. But I just kept getting back up. Tears and pain were the biggest part of my life. On my birthday that year, November 8, I walked into my doctor’s office with the assistance of my walker for the first time. He passed me in the hallway and looked as if he had seen a ghost. He summoned for his staff and we all cried together. According to the doctor, this was truly a miracle from God. This gave me the incentive to keep going. I was determined that nothing was going to sit me down for good. On Christmas Eve that year, I walked up the steps of my grandparents deck unassisted. It was painful, but I did it. Over the next couple of years my legs became stronger. I grew closer and closer to God, craving his words. My doctor insisted it was just pure determination and gave many explanations of how powerful the mind is, as if he were convincing himself how this had happened. I was treated by the best with no explanations of how my balance, gait, and strength were restored. The doctors still have no explanations as to how my feet are working. I still do not have reflexes or much sensation. They still do not know how I am walking, but I do. I serve a God who gave me a Jeremiah 29;11 promise, and He is not slack on his promises. I stayed sober for a couple more years and relapsed on methamphetamine for a short while. I have been clean and sober, delivered and filled with the holy spirit since October 2017. God has truly kept his word. He is using me to minister to children and women in recovery. I am also in nursing school to become a Registered Nurse in medical missions for Jesus Christ. My life is not my own and I will spend every breath giving God glory and testifying to the miracles He has preformed in my life. Never give up. God has a so much joy in store for you!

-Alana Bevis 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

If you have a Miracle that you would be willing to share, please email melissa@christianfamilypublications.com. Subject Line: Miracle Moments or call 205-408-7150.

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