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Do you have your STAR-ID yet?

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In response to terrorism committed against the U.S. and to help ensure the safety of our fellow citizens, the U.S. Congress passed the real ID act of 2005. The act requires individual states to modify and enhance their procedures and standards for issuance of state driver’s licenses and identification cards.

In Alabama, our Department of Public Safety has developed the STAR- ID program (Secure Trusted And Reliable). It is indicated by a gold star on the top left corner of one’s driver’s license or non-driver ID card. Implementation of this program has been delayed by the U.S. government until October, 2020. When fully implemented, one will need this enhanced ID to enter any government facility and to board any domestic airline flight if you don’t have a valid passport. Alabama is compliant with this program; supposedly on January 22, 2018 residents of noncompliant states will be required to have their driver’s licenses and a passport to board a domestic flight originating in their state.

If your license expires between now and January, 2020, our advice would be to tag your calendar for the month before expiration and visit the website for the latest information. If you have renewed your license in the last year, you don’t have to wait until the next expiration date. You can go ahead and get the STAR- ID. It will cost the same as a license renewal. Be sure to bring proper documentation and know that your license will have the same expiration date. Our advice is to get this taken care of sooner rather than later. A few points to understand:

-You must have an appointment.

-Issuance is only available at license issuing offices such as Pelham and Bankhead Hwy. The Inverness license office does not issue STAR- ID.

-Pay very close attention to the required documentation outlined at

-If you are married and took your spouse’s name and your Social Security card has not been updated, you will need a copy of your marriage license.

-STAR-ID’s must be renewed every 12 years, similar to passports needing renewal every 10 years.

Avoid the rush, which is sure to come. Make your appointment, double check your documentation, and get your STAR-ID.

Larry Anderson

Vision Financial Group 

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