Agape’s Enhanced Foster Care

Keep Siblings Together: AGAPE’s Enhanced Foster Care


Every child deserves a loving home. Every child deserves to be part of a stable, protective family. Sometimes this means removing a child from an unsafe environment. It may only be temporary. Or it may be long-term. In either case, AGAPE of Central Alabama is ready to help provide security and emotional safety to these children in need, through foster care and adoption services. But what happens when several children are involved? What happens when brothers and sisters are separated and sent to different homes?

AGAPE needs your help to keep these children together—to build onto the hope and strength of the love they already share. Through Enhanced Foster Care (EFC), AGAPE preserves this bond by placing large sibling groups together in foster homes. Currently, AGAPE is partnering with half a dozen families committed to EFC.

Is God calling you to be a foster parent? Consider becoming a foster family and opening your home and hearts to siblings in need. You may have served as a foster parent in the past, or maybe you’ve thought about becoming one. While the first priority at AGAPE is to provide permanency for children—a “forever home”—even a shorter-term commitment could make a lifetime’s difference for several lives.

AGAPE knows how much of a commitment Enhanced Foster Care represents, but again, they are asking you to prayerfully consider it. You certainly won’t be alone! AGAPE is committed to being right by your side with resources to help, including special training and support.

There are brothers and sisters near you that need a loving home, together. The Spirit may be leading you to say, “Tell me more.” If so, AGAPE would love to give you more details. For more information regarding AGAPE’s Enhanced Foster Care program, call Natalie Chambers at 205-733-9755 or email her at [email protected]. To learn more about all the programs and services AGAPE provides for families and children in need, visit www.agapeforchildren.org. †

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