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Should It Stay, or Should It Go?

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Do you have room for all your clothes in one closet or do you have to do the “seasonal swap”? Alabama weather can make things difficult if we are spread out in different closets and even more so in boxes or the attic. Keeping what we will wear in the same space is best. We wear 20% of our clothes 80% of the time, so let’s get it down to what you wear and donate the stuff taking up that valuable real estate!

Empty your closet and evaluate every piece in your closet, asking:

  • Do I like this?
  • Do I wear it?
  • Does it fit?

What can stay in your closet year-round and what could be moved due to the temperature? (If space is at a premium, consider relocating items like wool sweaters, shorts, swimsuits)

Not so fun, but necessary – you must try it on! Consider these options:

  • Keep – return back to your closet
  • Give / Donate – to a friend/relative or let someone else benefit
  • Sell – trading sites, consignment shops
  • Toss – just not salvageable – time for the trash can!

The Hanger Trick

Turn the hanger head backwards on the rod. After wearing it, return as you normally would. At the end of the season, you can easily see what you did (or didn’t) wear! What is still backwards – out it goes!

Good Hangers Make A Difference

Using the same type creates a cleaner look and can often double your hanging space. It can be an investment, so consider picking up a couple packs on each trip to the store for a few months.

  • Flocked – Many colors, but I prefer the black. Slimline; make the best use of space; works great for slippery items that end up on floor!
  • Plastic Tubular – Less expensive; still create a clean, uniform look; more space than flocked, less than wood.
  • Wooden – Bulky and consume the most space; however, look amazing; great for heavy-duty work like suits, jackets and winter coats.

While you’re preparing for the next season, take a day and empty that closet. Have fun trying on everything and placing it back in your closet – backwards! Then, over the next few months, you will start to see what you are wearing and decide if it should stay or go!

If you’d rather have someone help you with this process, call Space Cadets today for your Hanger Swap!

-Kim McBrayer 

Designer  | Professional Organizer  |  Speaker


5291 Valleydale Road, Suite 121

Birmingham, AL 35242, 205-368-2425

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