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Best Books Say Yes Cover Art ImageWhat’s Your Answer? Sometimes we’re struck with inspiring ideas but shy away from saying yes to God. What He is asking us to do looks dangerous. It looks difficult. People will think we’re crazy. It will cost us. We could fail.

God often asks us to do the impossible because, for Him, all things are possible. God is calling us-calling you- into His story. He’s asking you to trust that He is responsible for all the consequences of your obedience. Say Yes is the epic story of a broken man who, when rescued by God, dared to say yes. The story of how God led a group of pastors to do church, business, and missions together for the good of others. This is the story of Phoenix Roasters and what God did. Will you let their story of trust inspire you? Will you trust God with the consequences of your yes?

Best Books Say Yes Britt Mooney Author ImageBritt Mooney was a missionary in the Republic of Korea, has traveled the world, and pastors the Phoenix Community of Suwanee while working in marketing and communications with Phoenix Roasters.

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