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Run2Rebuild: Running the Race to Restoration

Mission Makers

Run2Rebuild team member
Run2Rebuild participant Barry points to his “25 Miles Further” achievement board.

Run2Rebuild is a community volunteer group comprised of 20 plus men that aims to build a support network for clients at the Jimmie Hale Mission’s men’s center through motivation, physical fitness education, and goal-setting practices. The group was started by James Harris, Garrett Rogers, Jess Westerhouse and Jordan Carr while looking for ways to combine their enjoyment of physical activity with their desire to be more involved in the community. They eventually reached out to local missions looking to build a program from scratch and the Jimmie hale Mission “was the perfect fit.” When the project launched in November 2020, the group partnered with five residents for the twice-weekly exercise program. Since then, the numbers have more than doubled with new faces signing up monthly. Every Tuesday and Thursday morning at 6 a.m., the Run2build crew embarks on a one-hour run that is scaled to each participant’s skill level. Beginners may spend the bulk of their time walking while more seasoned road warriors quickly rack up the miles. Each client’s cumulative distance is logged over the weeks and resident names are then added to special “Miles Further” boards on display in the facility’s dining hall as designated milestones are achieved. So far, every participant has reached the 10-mile club, with one client well on his way to the 50-mile chart.

Run2Rebuild team picture
Members of the Run2Rebuild crew gather twice a week for exercise and much more.

Run2Rebuild founders emphasize the importance of the several partners who have helped to make this happen. Trak Shak has generously been donating shoes to the clients so that lack of running shoes isn’t a concern,” Carr said. “Mel Cosio, PT, DPT designed a full stretching routine for us which we go through each morning before we run. CrossFit Mudtown also donated all proceeds from its [BirmingAMAZING Race] to Run2Rebuild.” You can find out more about this amazing group by following @run2rebuild_bham on Instagram. †

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