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Roadmap to Family Values, Vision and Mission: Kingdom Builders

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All it takes for families to grow closer together is intentionality and a roadmap. The Family Meeting Guide is your roadmap!

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This interactive guide walks you step-by-step through the life-changing process of having a Family meeting! The annual tradition of a Family Meeting is a time of coming together to define and reaffirm values, share vision and self-discovery, overcome challenges and fears, and set out on a mission to fulfill all God has created you to do both individually and as a family. The Family Meeting Guide was created with all types of families in mind because it doesn’t matter what your family looks like, what challenges you might be facing, or what stage of life you are in. LEGACY STARTS TODAY.

Special Feature Kingdom Builders Lee and Laura 12
Creators of The Family Meeting Guide, Lee and Laura Domingue live in Birmingham, Ala. where Lee serves as Legacy Pastor at Church of the Highlands as well as Founder of Kingdom Builders U.S. and Trafficking Hope.

Lee and Laura Domingue have been married over 30 years and have been parents for 29 of them. After God got a hold of their lives, success in business wasn’t enough. They wanted to leave a legacy. After discovering their mission as “kingdom builders” it became vital to pass that identity on to their family, and so, the “Family Meeting” was created. The Family Meeting is more than a board room planning meeting or a brainstorming session to set business goals. It is an intimate time of gathering together, removing distractions, reflecting on the previous year, deepening trust, and remembering who you are as a family. Through the navigating of ups and downs in family life, The Family Meeting Guide is a product of their own notes and experience from many years and will evolve each year as the journey continues.

Start your #FamilyMeeting journey at www.kingdombuilders.us where you can learn more about and purchase The Family Meeting Guide. †

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