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Revelation Walk Reaches Thousands

Mission Makers

The Revelation Walk outdoor drama is designed for teens through adults and will be performed every Saturday in October at Eden Westside Baptist. The event is free but a donation of $10 each is suggested.

To date more than 45,000 people have experienced the “Revelation Walk” hosted by Eden West Side Baptist Church in nearby Pell City. The interactive dramatization is portrayed in over fourteen outdoor scenes based on the book of Revelation. Eden West Side’s senior pastor, Rev. Jacky Connell explains, “It’s an exciting drama that reaches out to a lot of different types of people…I think this brings people face to face with questions about eternity and the future.” Connell adds that although the script is updated each year, the core message of the walk always comes straight from Scripture. “The introduction to the walk can change, based on the theme that year. For instance, we may begin the drama with a family in distress, but then it transforms itself into biblical Revelation.”

The Walk requires the help of about 250 volunteers including actors, actresses and support staff. Rev. Connell marvels at the energy of volunteers even as they enter their nineteenth year of production. “I think what keeps the momentum going [for the event] is that we see eternal results. We see people actually give their lives to Jesus…Our volunteers are giving their lives away to something that has value.”

The drama will be performed every Saturday in October, 7-10:30 p.m. Groups of 20 to 50 experience the walk together, and the walk lasts about one hour. Reservations are available but not required (205-338-7711, ext. 245).  “Our goal is to meet people where they are,” says Connell. “People today are asking questions, ‘What is life all about? What is death about? What is eternity about?’ We are trying to give a snap shot of those things- to bring people to Jesus Christ as Savior.” Learn more at

– Laurie Stroud

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