Big Daddy Smoked Boston Butt



Hormel Pork Butt 4-6 lbs. bone-in washed with vinegar and water (this removes packaged taste and animal fluids)


Slightly trim fat leaving a thin layer to caramelize while cooking. Rub a thin layer of mustard over the entire butt. Season with your favorite seasoning ( herbs and spices to satisfy individual taste). Place on smoker (utilizing charcoal along with hickory and pecan mixed woods) at 150-200 degrees for 4 hours. After 4 hours raise temperature to 275-280 degrees cooking for approximately 3.5 hours. Remove butt from smoker, wrap in heavy duty aluminum foil. Place butt back on smoker at 200-225 degrees for an additional 4-6 hours or until you can press against the foil and the Butt gives no sign of resistance. Unwrap, pull and serve with Big Daddy Bomb BBQ sauce on the side or your favorite barbecue sauce.

Submitted by: Dwayne Thompson, Owner Big Daddy Sauces

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