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Putting Music to God’s Word: The Corner Room

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2020 has been a year of constantly changing circumstances. As Christians, we have been reminded that we can only look to and put our trust in God. His Word is sure and unchanging. What are the ways you hide God’s Word in your heart? Adam Wright, the creator of The Corner Room, has written worship songs whose lyrics are verses and chapters of the Bible.

Remember and Proclaim album cover
As Adam Wright reflects on the journey of creating “Remember and Proclaim”, he is thankful for many vocalists he worked with from various churches across the city.

Wright has been the worship leader at Cahaba Park Church for 11 years. In 2013, as Wright was preparing the worship set for a series on Psalms, he began to brainstorm ways to musically tie the Psalm of the week into worship. “I had the idea of sitting down and writing the Psalms to music straight from the Bible.” He reflects that the first time he sat down to put music to the Bible, he felt more connected to the passage than ever before. After only two and a half hours, he had nearly completed a musical arrangement for Psalm 1 that he led the congregation in worship to the next Sunday. He adds, “I enjoyed the process so much that I said I want to do more of this.” By that summer, Wright wrote 12 additional Psalms to music and within a year wrote eight more. “This was my initial discovery of taking text and trying to interpret the feeling and the intent of it in a way that is faithful to what the Psalmist is trying to say.”

Adam Wrights Family Outside of their Home
Adam Wright joined Cahaba Park Church in 2011. He and his wife, Jessica, have two daughters: Nora (6) and Jill (4).

In 2015, Wright embarked on the journey of recording these songs at Cahaba Park Church’s current location. On the second floor of the church building, there is room literally in the corner that Wright inquired about transforming into a recording space. A good friend helped him design the room that is now referred to as “The Corner Room.” Since then, Wright has continued to put music to Scripture. He has written songs on 1 Corinthians 13, Isaiah 53, and more.

One year ago, the children’s ministry team asked Wright for Scripture songs that coincided with their curriculum. They began to study and brainstorm the curriculum and came up with a list of Scriptures that would complement the lessons. Wright just released new songs designed for children to sing with their families to “hear the Word and store the truths in their hearts.” The album, “Remember and Proclaim”, includes Old and New Testament passages that Wright prays will serve his church and other churches throughout the year in encouraging hiding God’s Word in the hearts of children. “I see how easy it is to be swayed by what the world tells you to do or not to do. My prayer for this album is that the children, including my two daughters, will be able to recognize that what God’s Word says is ultimately the truth.” Visit to learn more about the songs that are available on Spotify, Apple Music, and more.

-Melissa Armstrong

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