OLS School Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch Comes to OLS School

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OLS School Pumpkin Patch Students with Pumpkins
Pumpkin Day was a fun and educational event for the first graders at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School. They began their day with a visit to a special school pumpkin patch created by teachers and volunteer room mothers.

What would you do you if you couldn’t take a field trip to a pumpkin patch due to COVID-19? Well, you bring the pumpkin patch to you! That is exactly what the first-grade teachers and room mothers did for the first-graders at Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School. “Since our annual first-grade field trip to the pumpkin patch was cancelled due to pandemic restrictions this year, we felt adjustments could be made,” said first-grade teacher Ms. Jessica Taff. “This is typically a big field trip as we conclude our study of plants and the life cycle of the pumpkin,” she said. “We really didn’t want to disappoint our students, so we created a Pumpkin Day.” †

OLS School Student Counting Pumpkin Seeds
Our Lady of Sorrows Catholic School first grader, Luke Pierce, enjoys counting pumpkins seeds during Pumpkin Day.

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