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Protect Your Kids Against Addiction: STEPS Proactive Parenting

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Proactive parenting can be learned. Over the last few months in Birmingham Christian Family magazine, STEPS Proactive Parenting has outlined:

  • Why teenagers choose to use drugs and alcohol.
  • 10 mistakes parents make and how not to.
  • Ways that parents can help their kids.  

Protect your kids against addiction! To receive free material showing you how, send an email to and ask for the “Prevention Tool Kit.”

The risks facing youth today from drugs and alcohol are affecting millions of families, and few parents have effective training on how to deal with those types of terrible problems.

Don’t wait to take action. A parent feels strong emotions when their son or daughter is struggling with addiction. The fear, hurt, confusion, and guilt can be overwhelming. But it’s important that you do something to help protect your kids. It’s up to you to become proactive, and the well-being of your son or daughter may depend on it.

Get more information. STEPS Proactive Parenting provides tools, training, and coaching for parents to protect their kids from addictions. Visit or contact Steve Ward at  

Support the cause. You can help other parents protect their kids from addiction. Visit and choose “DONATE” on the top menu.  

-Steve C. Ward 

Executive Director, STEPS Ministries

Author of STEPS: A Daily Journey to a Better Life

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