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Paws-itively Training & Puppy Kindergarten!

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Well-socialized and well-trained pets are happy pets and happy pets mean happy owners! Helping your pet learn proper behaviors and reactions to certain events helps them become a successful member of your family.

Spending time training, exercising and socializing your dog or cat is one of the most important gifts you can give to your furry family member and will help you form a strong bond together. Using positive reinforcement like praising, giving treats and positive attention will help your pet learn the good behavior and discourage undesired behavior. Starting early as a puppy or kitten or soon after you adopt is best, but training can be applied to pets of all ages. You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Valleydale Animal Clinic offers ongoing personal dog training sessions and hosts group classes with our American Behavior College Certified Dog Trainer. Starting Sunday, October 1 through Sunday, October 22, you and your dog (over 5 months) can participate in our Paws-itively Training Course. In this 4-week class, you and your dogs will learn the foundations of basic obedience including “sit/down/stay/come” and proper leash walking, as well as “drop it”, “leave it” and “take it” and other ways to help your dog become a successful member of your family.

Have a puppy? On Thursday, October 5 through Thursday, October 26, bring your dog 5 months and younger to our “Puppy Kindergarten”!  It’s an opportunity for you and your puppy to learn proper socialization with other pets, crate training and house training, how to discourage puppy biting and recommendations on nail trims, baths and an introduction to grooming.

Both courses are $100 each and include materials. They are based on a positive method of training using a clicker and reward system. All dogs must be up to date on age appropriate vaccinations. Registration is required. Call 991-5416.  For more information visit www.valleydaleanimalclinic.com.

Jeff Falone, DVM 

Valleydale Animal Clinic



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