Mission Makers Jimmie Hale Mission HR Passing of Torch

Passing of the Torch: Jimmie Hale Mission Welcomes New Executive Director!

Mission Makers

Mission Makers Jimmie Hale Mission HR Passing of Torch
On November 6, 2019 Jimmie Hale Mission Executive Director Tony Cooper announced his replacement and passed the torch to Michael Coleman.

After 29 years of service as Executive Director of the Jimmie Hale Mission, Tony Cooper passed the torch to Michael Coleman. “I have been blessed to be a part of the Mission for the past 29 years. It has been exciting to see how God has blessed this ministry and to be a small part of the success and growth. I am pleased that God has provided the Mission with a new executive director, Michael Coleman. I am looking forward to seeing what God is going to do at the Mission,” Cooper reflects.

The new executive director, Michael Coleman, was previously founder and executive director of Hope Inspired Ministries in Montgomery, Ala. “I could not be more excited about the opportunity to become a part of such a renowned organization as the Jimmie Hale Mission. I am so thankful to be asked to lead the organization into the coming years and humbly request your prayers that God will continue to bless our organization as we move forward in His name and for His glory,” Coleman shares. Joe Daniel, chairman of the Mission’s board, states that “Michael Coleman’s energy and leadership, along with his passion for serving others, is what propelled him to be the obvious and unanimous choice as the next executive director of the Mission.” Cooper will continue to serve at executive director emeritus throughout January 2020.†

New Executive Director Michael Coleman is welcomed to the Jimmie Hale Mission.
Left to Right- Joe Daniel/Board Chair; Michael Coleman/New Exec. Dir; Tony Cooper/Exec.Dir Emeritus and JeFreda Brown, Board Treasurer 2019/Board Chair 2020.


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