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Living Out the Reason for the Season


“This is the year! The year where Christmas will not stress me out by sneaking up on me! I will be prepared! I will have all the gifts bought and wrapped a week early. I will have any and all travel arrangements planned and organized accordingly. I will be on time to all of my child’s parties, and maybe even attend a few of my own. This Christmas I will have peace.”

Sounds great, right? Sadly, this will not be that year for me because a wrench is always thrown into my holiday planning. If there is an adult who can successfully navigate Christmas season with total peace and no chaos, they deserve a handshake and a cookie! How can the greatest moment in history become so stressful? A time when we ought to be remembering and celebrating the birth of the Savior of the world, I’m freaking out because I forgot to buy a present. My mind and heart should be at peace and rejoicing, but instead I easily become stressed and in damage-control mode.

Our society has made Christmas something it was not meant to be. This is not the time for shopping, rushing around and being a Grinch. It is the time to remember that when the world was in chaos and in need of saving, Jesus Christ, the Son of God, left heaven and came to earth to save us from sin. When your Christmas season comes under attack by stress, rushing around, and last minute details, remember the reason we celebrate. As Christians, this is a time to remember the greatest gift God ever gave us. The gift has already been received, so be sure to celebrate Him. A favorite way our family celebrates this gift each year is through my uncle’s tradition of gathering the whole family together to read Luke 2:1-21. We hear the Christmas story read fresh and new every year, and it reminds us of why we gather together.

Our children will learn the reason for Christmas from watching and listening to us. As you plan and organize your family holiday, be sure to talk to your children about the birth of Christ, or maybe start your own tradition of reading the Bible together. Teach them the real reason for season. Merry Christmas!

screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-2-46-41-pm screen-shot-2016-09-24-at-2-46-10-pmLarkin Sumerlin, Chaplain

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