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The Greatest Example of a Father


If you Google “how to be a good father” you will get an almost endless list of results. The advice given will be as broad as the list is long. Everything from how to be an authoritative figure to how to be your kid’s best friend. You will get all kinds of advice from all kinds of people. However, we have been given an example of a great father in the character and nature of God as he is revealed in Scripture.

Generous: Jesus uses an example of earthly fathers as a comparison to show how generous and good our Heavenly Father is (Matthew 7:7-11). If fallen human fathers can give their sons and daughters good things when they ask for them, Jesus reasons how much better God can provide good things for his children. Bringing it full circle, seeing God as our example in fatherhood, how much more should we earthly fathers strive to be generous and good to our children?

Adorable father and daughter praying during the lunch in the kitchen

Gentle: The writer of Hebrews gives fathers an important reminder about discipline (Hebrews 12:5-6). It is a given that fathers should discipline their children. But just as important is how they discipline. God always disciplines out of love for his children. His discipline does not come from anger and a desire to destroy. It comes from the heart of a father who seeks repentance and redemption for the one he loves.

KIND: Through the prophet Hosea, God speaks to Israel as a loving father to his rebellious son. He extends kindness with the intention of easing the Israelites’ burdens (Hosea 11:4). God says he led them and taught them with kindness. He was not stern with them or harsh.

Holy: Finally, in 1 Peter 1:14-16, believers are reminded to be holy as God our Father is holy. How important is it then for fathers to live lives holy and set apart before their children? As fathers we are given an awesome responsibility and opportunity to lead our children as God has called us.

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