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Practicing Good Stewardship as Children of God

Giving children chores is a common practice, though it may not be as common now as it once was. We give children chores and jobs around the house to teach responsibility and stewardship. A parent will delegate certain things to their children, giving them parts of the house or certain tasks that the child will be responsible for. A parent may make a child responsible for their room. It is up to her to clean her room, put her toys away, and make her bed. The child might begin to believe the room belongs to her; that she owns the room. I remember making this assumption myself growing up. Why should I have to clean my room if I don’t want to, it is MY room. This assumption, as parents know, is false. The room belongs to mom and dad. Or does it?

We have a similar relationship to God as our Father. He has given us certain responsibilities and certain realms to take care of. God has placed us in families, jobs, and churches and given us particular people to care for. But these things do not belong to us, they belong to our Father. Just as parents give responsibility to their children over things that are not their own, God grants each of us responsibility over things that we do not own.

In Scripture, this kind of responsibility is called stewardship. The Apostle Paul considered himself a steward of God, having been given responsibilities over things that were not his own, but seeking to carry out those responsibilities faithfully. His message and ministry was not his own, but one that was given to him to carry out. He was responsible to God.

At Covenant Classical Schools (CCS), we consider ourselves stewards and children of God who have been given responsibilities. We have been entrusted with teaching our students they are loved by Christ and what it means to share that love with others. CCS is not our school, it is God’s school. The students are not our students, they are God’s students and he is their primary teacher.

May we all be good stewards of the gifts and responsibilities God has entrusted to us.

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