Paintball Is Good: For All Ages

A trip down Serene Drive near Bessemer will lead to a dead end that gives way to a gravel road. If you follow that gravel road you will soon arrive at not only one of the best venues for professional paintball in Alabama, but also a community built for families.


After getting hands on experience at Paintball Is Good with families who seemed to adopt us as their own, we immediately felt welcomed. Co-owner Ricky Hall educates all ages on safety and has great expectations for the future. “Our goal is to be the biggest and best paintball facility in Alabama within the next five years,” Hall said.

PaintballPaintball Is Good offers a variety of different fields to play on. From woodsy Ravine to Speedball, every guest’s taste is satisfied.  It also features The Castle, which offers a unique perspective for the defending team. The Castle is a hand built wooden fortress fit for an amazing all-around experience making you want to stay all afternoon.

For guests under the age of 18, Paintball Is Good provides a great atmosphere to bond with friends of all ages and experience friendly competition. Patrick “Wolfman” Accardi, a member of a semi-professional team the Magic City Vulcans, offers a unique perspective on how he sees the game. “We as more experienced players want to help younger players learn more about the sport and enjoy playing it,” said Accardi.

Paintball is also a great way for today’s youth to stay active instead of spending day after day indoors-playing video games. More experienced players like Accardi welcome everyone and encourage good sportsmanship. “It doesn’t matter who comes out to play we are looking out for each other and watching each other’s backs,” he said. “We want the sport to grow and grow the right way, there is definitely a family aspect to this sport.”

Everyone from the owners down to occasional guests at Paintball is Good have the same desire. Everyone comes to have a good time with family and friends and Ricky Hall wants to keep it that way. “As soon as anyone walks up we want them to feel welcomed and comfortable,” Hall said. “We want it to be like a home experience for all ages.” To learn more visit


-Brian Hill


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