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Own Your Health

Here’s to your Health


People often ask me how they can take control of their health in order to walk in freedom to what God has called them to do. I put together some practical ways to show you what taking ownership looks like in your health.

Here are a couple of symptoms of NOT taking ownership:
• Saying that our health is a priority, but our bank account, schedule, and focus prove otherwise.

• Not being able to do the things that God has called us to fully.

• Making excuses on how all of the external things in our life have determined our health, rather than OUR CHOICES.

• Not having PREDICTABILITY and CONTROL in our results and progress.

• Waiting until everything is “perfect” to start making changes. (There is no perfect season.)

• Doing a bunch of “diet” research on the first page of google because we feel guilty about how we ate over the weekend.

• ONLY getting free tips and tricks from people on social media.

• Thinking that just because we don’t have any health issues we don’t really need to be proactive.

Here are some examples of taking full ownership of your health:
• We are able to FULLY do what God has called us to do in every season.

• Our bank account and schedule clearly reflect that we make our health a priority. Anyone could take a look without even knowing us and see that clearly. (Where our treasure is there our heart will be also).

• We feel in full control of our progress and results because we have proven frameworks that work long term. There is no more confusion and discouragement.

• We take imperfect action and slowly progress toward our goals even through tough seasons.

• We lead our family and set a good example in our health. Our family feels at peace and doesn’t have to worry about us.

WE GET HELP. Instead of trying to do our own research and go in alone, we allow someone we trust to give us a proven system AND keep us accountable to that system.

We are PROACTIVE, instead of being reactive. When things come up, we look to what we want our health to look like in the future and structure our actions to help us get there.

We don’t just focus on “Getting by” in our health. We are intentional; at being excellent and using our health as one of the greatest assets we have. Take some time to reflect today. Which one of these areas do you need to change to start taking full ownership in the way you steward your body?

— Ashton Tate, Founder, Glory to Glory Fitness, 615-488-8203

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