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Overcomers: Opportunity to Help Area Youth

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Teenage youth at King’s Home come to us with tremendous educational deficits. Without intervention statistics show most of these children will drop out of school, dramatically increasing the chances of a life of hopelessness, poverty, and crime. Education is key to building confidence, opening doors for opportunity, and creating future success. Giving our kids the tools for academic success is one of the most critical investments we can offer our teenagers. Each year King’s Home supports over 100 youth ranging from 7th-12th grade. Many of these kids will spend the school year not only focusing on academics but learning from participation in developmental extracurricular activities such as show choir, band, football, basketball, and softball. What a joy it is to see our youth participate in life-giving activities that develop discipline, interpersonal skills, and holistic health!

Youth at King’s Home may have started life at a disadvantage, but this does not have to be how their story ends. King’s Home can provide a strong foundation that sets youth up for a bright future free of abuse, addiction, neglect, and homelessness. King’s Home averages approximately $200,000 annually in school expenses including school supplies, tutoring throughout the year, computers, technology, clothing, shoes, haircuts, food, transportation, and other basic necessities our kids need to be academically successful. Now pile on COVID-19 costs of masks, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, no-touch thermometers, additional computer and technology needs and the expenses escalate even more.

If you are looking for a way to have an impact on our community and specifically the children in our community, consider joining us today to bring hope and inspiration to our next generation of overcomers. They need you now more than ever! Learn how you can be a part of this important mission at www.kingshome.com/back-to-school.

-Lew Burdette 

President, King’s Home

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