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Opening in Early 2023: Clare Bridge Crossings

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At Brookdale University Park’s Clare Bridge Crossings, memory loss doesn’t have to mean all is lost. 

It’s scary, the idea of a family member not knowing you. And that’s just one of many emotions you’ll experience. Our Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care communities, known as Crossings and Clare Bridge, want to help you see the more positive possibilities. Your mom or dad may struggle with memory and recognition, but they can still experience joy and accomplishment. And so can you.

Clare Bridge Crossings Solarium
Clare Bridge Crossings offers beautiful community spaces for fellowship between residents.

The Clare Bridge Crossings program- opening in early 2023- is a stepping stone between home or before Assisted Living and Clare Bridge to support those living with early-stage dementia. Our Crossings program has at its foundation a growing body of research that shows a structured program of cognitive workouts, regular and varied physical exercise and increased social interaction may help to slow the decline of those living with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. This specialized programming preserves self-esteem and enables persons living with dementia to remain engaged with peers when they might otherwise struggle socially- and be more susceptible to depression- in a traditional Personal Care setting.

As a proactive discipline the Clare Bridge Crossings program may benefit individuals whose symptoms are just starting to result in the need for additional cueing and care. The Crossings’ daily path of activities features mind-and-body enhancing, socially engaging programs such as:

  • Art expressions
  • Vigorous mental workouts utilizing the latest technology
  • Activities that recognize prior occupational skills and interests
  • Outings which encourage learning and new knowledge
Clare Bridge Crossings Room
Here is a look at the beautiful living spaces available at Clare Bridge Crossings.

The Clare Bridge Crossings program offers private suites in comfortable neighborhood environments. Unique building features, such as an exercise room, art gallery and resident-use kitchen help residents stay engaged and socially active. The Clare Bridge Crossings program is, by design, a stepping stone in the Clare Bridge continuum of Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care provided by Brookdale. As such it is most beneficial for those in the early stages of these conditions.

When should you consider early-stage dementia care? Consider care when you or someone in your care:
Needs a bit of help with planning day-to-day activities

  • Doing well with reminders, reassurance and social interactions with others but may be struggling with initiation
  • Getting around without a lot of assistance
  • Mostly managing bathroom needs and personal care with only occasional support

What can you expect from the Clare Bridge Crossings program? You can expect innovative engagement, dining options, and purpose-built and designed environments.

Innovative Engagement. Engagement provides an opportunity to “stretch to improve” cognitive skills, and daily routine programs, including a specifically designed exercise program, helps residents stay socially connected, engaged and more confident in their abilities. 

Clare Bridge Crossings Model Room
To learn more about the Clare Bridge Crossings program, visit or call 205-870-0786.

Dining Options. Dining at the Crossings encourages resident choice and participation to build self-esteem to help maintain autonomy. Healthy and delicious meals featuring optional Optimum Life brain-healthy menu help increase our residents’ nutritional health and decrease their risk for weight loss.

Purpose-built and Designed Communities. Intentionally designed programmatic spaces encourage continued learning and help our residents maintain connections with opportunities, such as:

  • Art and music workshops, live and active gardening spaces as well as fitness areas that feature the latest technology that exercise the mind and body
  • Outings that include learning opportunities, local interests and culture 

We are proud to be pioneers in person-centered Alzheimer’s and dementia care. With a clinical focus and evidence-based practices, our programming creates a customized experience of engagement to meet your patient where they are at different stages of the disease. Come home to Clare Bridge Crossings for a different approach to early stage Alzheimer’s and dementia care. For more information about our Clare Bridge Crossings program, visit or call 205-870-0786. †


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