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New Convene Key Leader Group

Designed for the C-Suite and Key Decision Makers


Are you a Key Leader?

If you’re part of the C-Suite of your organization, have P&L responsibility, or make significant decisions for your organization, you are a Key Leader. With the task of executing on the owner, president or CEO’s behalf, your role requires a high understanding of the vision for your organization, as well as the strategy and execution it will require to make that vision come to fruition. Convene’s Key Leader groups exist to help you build the bridge between your CEO’s vision and the execution of strategy with the goal of achieving outstanding results. Claim your seat at the table with fellow key leaders in a peer-to-peer advisory group led by your local Convene Chair, Harris Wheeler.

Are you a business owner or CEO?

If you own or manage an organization, you know how important it is to have the key leaders of your team striving to achieve your vision with effective and efficient strategy and execution. Convene’s Key Leader groups create a space for the key leaders on your team to gather with their peers and develop their leadership skills, create strategies to achieve results, and refine

their execution tactics in order to maximize outcomes. If you’re a current Convene member, you understand the vital importance of creating space for learning, ideating and strategizing in order to be successful. Now, your key leaders can benefit from those same things with the purpose of strengthening your organization.

To learn more about this new Key Leader Group starting in Birmingham, Ala.  contact local Convene Chair Harris Wheeler, 205- 936-7038, 


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