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MORE DIY Tips to Living Independently

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Many older individuals are choosing to age in place, rather than leaving their home. Many homes require obvious home modifications such as stair lifts, ramps, and grab bars, that enable individuals to safely remain independent in their homes. However, these products do not address the smaller day-to-day tasks that can also prove a challenge. As a continuation to our March issue article, here are 9 more simple DIY tricks to help you or a loved one live comfortably and independently.

  1. When filling prescriptions, request that the pharmacist use a non-childproof cap to make it easier for those with a compromised grip to easily open bottles. Be sure to keep these bottles far away from children!
  2. Use an old skirt hanger with clips to hold a cookbook at eye level – open the cookbook to the preferred page and secure the clips to the top of either page, then hang from an upper level cabinet knob.
  3. Attach a key ring to zipper pulls on pants to make them easier to grab. Loop the key ring around the button to prevent the zipper      from coming undone.
  4. Before going to the grocery store, take a picture of the inside of your refrigerator so you can easily remember what you need.
  5. In case of an emergency, keep a list of all current medications in a backpack or pocket to take with you each time you go out.
  6. Adhere grip strips to your bathtub, bathroom floor, and any other potentially slick surface to prevent slips.
  7. Apply bright nail polish or rubber bumps to important television remote control buttons and telephone buttons.
  8. Swap round door knobs with lever handles that are easier to grip.
  9. User rubber gloves to make it easier to open stubborn jars and containers.

-Derek Gann 

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