The Boyd Family

Meet the New Owners of Classic Iron Works: Ready to Help You Spruce Up Your Home

Faith at Work 


For 30 years Classic Iron Works has provided homeowners in Central Alabama with iron doors, railings, gates, accessories and more. Longtime owners John Gallagher and Bob Cooley served the community with great customer service and products from their showroom at 3724 1st Avenue North in Birmingham and in September of 2019, officially passed the torch to Jeff and Lisa Boyd.

The Boyd Family
The new owners of Classic Iron Works, Jeff and Lisa Boyd, with their children Josh (22), Jonathan (17) and Lauren (15).

Natives of Gadsden, Ala., the Boyds met and started dating in high school and both graduated from The University of Alabama. “Right after college, I went on active duty in the Army and we were stationed in Texas,” says Jeff Boyd. After his service, the couple moved to Alabaster and eventually to Hoover, where they have lived with their three children for fourteen years. Boyd explains that he always held an interest in entrepreneurship but, “our life circumstances and career paths just never made this a realistic possibility.” In the summer of 2019, Boyd learned from a friend that Gallagher and Cooley were seeking to transition into retirement. “Lisa and I had considered a couple of other opportunities to purchase businesses, but they just did not seem like the right fit.” With Classic Iron Works, he adds, “It was different right from the start. You could tell that John and Bob are men of high character and had established a strong business with a long track record.” In September of 2019, the Boyds became the new owners of Classic Iron Works.

When asked how their faith impacts their business, Boyd answered, “For us, it really is faith, family and friends in that order.” The Boyd family has confidence in God’s direction through this transition and will continue trusting in His plan. “We decided to use the number 153 in the name of the LLC used to purchase Classic Iron Works after the catch of 153 fish that the disciples caught after Jesus’ resurrection where Peter was restored.” He adds, “The number 153 represents abundant blessing with the focus on God providing.”

Classic Iron Works
Improve the curb appeal of your home this spring with new hand and porch rails from Classic Iron Works. Both are on sale now.

What Your Home Needs. When it comes to sprucing up your home this spring, Boyd says Classic Iron Works is ready to help. Whether it’s a new ornamental fence, iron door, or any project with ornamental metal, Classic Iron Works has it. You’ll also find savings. Classic Iron Works is currently offering 20% off hand and porch rails as well as buy one get one half ornamental iron doors. Learn more at

-Melissa Armstrong

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