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Meaningful Gift Idea for Parents of Adult Children

Christmas Gift Guide


Do you have children, young adults or influence children in any way? Are you or someone you know struggling with making the transition from the ‘mommy’ (parent) role to the role of mentor/coach to adult children? Then this book is for you and also a great Christmas gift idea.

From Mommy to Mentor CoverFrom Mommy To Mentor – Parenting Adult Children, by Pamela Jennings Taylor, takes the reader from the early stages of being a mommy to the end destination of mentoring adult children. Reading this book will help you identify what stage you and your child are in, and how to successfully move through each stage. The primary goal is mentorship. You will learn how to:

  • Punt the responsibility back to adult children
  • Keep your relationships strong during periods of their bad decisions
  • Sharpen your mentoring skills
  • Teach your children practical life skills

Parenting is only a piece of God’s ultimate plan for your life. Follow this journey for nuggets of insight, tools, and examples of how we can navigate through the process together…from Mommy to Mentor. From Mommy To Mentor – Parenting Adult Children is available on,, and To learn more, contact Pamela Jennings Taylor at or †

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