Heather Brown on yoga mat.

Love Your Body, God’s Way

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What does the phrase “love your body” mean to you? We parents tend to put lots of things over taking care of ourselves and building our self-confidence. Now that spring breaks, beach vacations and pool time is getting closer, the pressure to look a certain way can feel suffocating. Let’s take a step back.  

Loving your body isn’t just empty talk or inaction. While it does involve accepting our body, it also looks like taking a walk, drinking water, eating enough protein to have energy, taking supplements to support our skin and joints, moving our body daily, listening to music or podcasts that lift us up, and so much more! 

Heather Brown on yoga mat
You can read Heather Brown’s inspiring faith story here.

If we were talking over coffee, I’d tell you that God gave us one body and He says for us to treat it like a temple. That means treat it like the place that He dwells, because He does dwell with us through His Holy Spirit every single second.  Would that make us look a little more kindly at our bodies? We’re human, and we’re imperfect, but perfectly loved and made perfectly worthy by God. Let’s ignore the lies of the enemy and embrace our identity in Christ together! 

Here are two takeaways to consider:
1. Today, make a point to drink water, move your body, and eat some protein! (Find high-protein recipes at mylifewellloved.com

2. I highly recommend finding a friend in Christ to come alongside you and be your community! Allow them to speak truth into your life and hear about the struggles you are experiencing – bonus points if they’re a workout buddy too! 

Listen to the “Healthy with Heather Brown” podcast wherever you listen to podcasts for more tips on how to invest in your health more each day! 

Heather Brown helps busy mamas of young littles who are caught in the hustle to find encouragement in their journey to true health, from the inside out, starting with the heart. Connect with her @mylifewellloved on Instagram or visit mylifewellloved.com for resources and to learn more! 

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