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Love Life Movement Comes to Birmingham

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This year Love Life began leading weekly prayer walks in the Birmingham area.

For the first time in a long time, *Amanda, Director of Charlotte, N.C.’s largest abortion clinic, felt uncertain. Normally, she would have urged the young mom in front of her toward an abortion. But this time it was her own niece, and both women were conflicted. Finally, *Erika decided to let her baby live. As the young mom walked out the clinic doors, she headed straight toward the sidewalk counselors outside who had promised to help. They welcomed her with open arms and prayed with her. Then they called the Christian Pregnancy Center and a church near her home—a known House of Refuge for those facing unplanned pregnancies. That very day, the body of Christ came alongside Erika with the help and hope of Christ she needed.

In time, the Church even threw her a huge baby shower. Unbeknownst to them, Amanda attended. As the abortion center director watched the church love on her niece, she was blown away by their kindness and support. Returning to the clinic, she began counseling girls who were undecided to talk to the sidewalk counselors outside.  “They’re not crazy, they’ll help you!” she urged. But on Week 40 of Love Life’s 40-Week Prayer Campaign, she walked out of the abortion clinic doors for good, choosing life for herself in Jesus! Amanda and Erika’s story is one of thousands that the Love Life ministry team has experienced since it first began in Charlotte in 2016. Now a worldwide outreach, Love Life works diligently to establish sidewalk counseling teams at every open abortion clinic in America and to mobilize the evangelical churches in those cities to engage life through united fasting, prayer, and practical support. Jennifer Gerelds and Shaylene Burlage are Love Life’s missionaries for Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Ala. “We want to see families running to the Church for help in unplanned pregnancies instead of the abortion clinic,” Shaylene explains the mission. “But for that to happen, the culture in our churches must shift toward loving life and providing tangible support for moms and dads who are struggling to choose it, as well as restoration and healing for those who suffer from past abortions.”

Love Life Leaders Birmingham
Jennifer Gerelds and Shaylene Burlage are Love Life’s missionaries for Birmingham and Tuscaloosa, Ala.

That shift has already begun happening in over 500 partnering churches across the country who have teamed with Love Life. Through weekly fasting and directed Prayer Walks, churches are adopting weeks out of the 40-Week prayer campaign and showing up at the darkest places of death in their cities—the abortion clinic—to bring the light and hope of Jesus. The 40 Week campaign runs from February through November each year. Save the date for Birmingham’s Love Life Walk on November 13! If you’d like more information on Love Life and how your church can Adopt a Week, visit or contact local Love Life missionaries Jennifer Gerelds ( or Shaylene Burlage ( †

*Names changed for privacy purposes


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