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Looks Aren’t Everything

Every Family Deserves Hope


Fall is absolutely my favorite season each year. The reasons are fairly simple. It brings its own colors, smells, foods and usually cool temperatures. On Friday, Saturday and Sunday in the fall we yell and cheer and add a little pigskin to the conversation. But what about this year? What will this fall look like?

How will Thanksgiving be affected this year considering the social distancing and everything that goes with the pandemic? Will Thanksgiving look different? Will there be some bizarre shortage of turkey similar to that of toilet paper? One of the worst possible things that could happen is that we run out of those beautiful little cans of cranberry sauce! What about the day after Thanksgiving? Will Black Friday draw the same level of pandemonium and chaos that we have grown accustomed to seeing? What about school and Thanksgiving break? I remember the days when we could hardly wait until the Thursday and Friday of Thanksgiving week because it meant we had a really long weekend but how has that changed with so many of our children going to school virtually, traditionally or a mix of both. Seriously, what should we expect this Thanksgiving to look like?

Regardless of what it may look like we can determine what it will be like. In a year when we may be hard pressed to find a reason to be grateful, we should look a little deeper and find an abundance of reasons. We have life and we have hope and we have each other. We have relationships and people who love us and those who can hardly wait to see us gathered around the family table as we pass the pumpkin pie. We have all experienced a year like no other but we also have a God who is like no other. Regardless of what Thanksgiving may look like, the spirit of the season remains the same. I am reminded also of the simple prayer of blessing that many of us prayed as a child.  “God is good, God is great. Let us thank Him…”

“Enter his gates with thanksgiving and his courts with praise; give thanks to him and praise his name.” Psalm 100:4

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Every Family Deserves Hope


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