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Best Books Pastor Ken Gordon Childrens Book COVER ARTIt’s Saturday! And Saturday means Pancake Dad is open for business. Three excited children rally their dad out of bed for their special weekly time together: making a yummy breakfast for the family. In Pancake Dad, the Rev. Dr. Ken Gordon, pastor of The House of Light Church in Birmingham, Ala. writes a rollicking story about the enduring value of spending quality time together with one’s children, away from cell phones, televisions, work, and distractions.

“Every Saturday, Pancake Dad cooks pancakes for his wife and their three children. This is his time to allow Mom to rest and not get up early. It is also his time to spend quality time with his children, which is extremely important to him,” Rev. Dr. Gordon explains. Before the team gets started on their cooking, they have their “Saturday Morning Challenge” where they share a memorized verse of Scripture. Pancake Dad follows up by reassuring them,“Everything about you is beautiful, and you are perfect to God, to your mom, and to me!”

In Pancake Dad, Rev. Dr. Gordon expertly weaves a playful story with important messages of faith, love, and fun, brought to life by bright illustrations, and ending with a note of affirmation to dads and an interactive journal entry for kids. Families will delight in reading aloud the positive and joyful story of a loving family spending quality time together.

Pastor Ken Gordon
To purchase Pancake Dad, visit Rev. Dr. Ken Gordon pastors The House of Light Church that was founded in 2018. The church meets at Jazzi’s on 3rd Music Gallery, 1725 3rd Ave. N, Birmingham.

Pastor Ken, as he is known to his congregation, is a father of four young adults. He wrote Pancake Dad and the subsequent books in the collection “to inspire fathers to put down the cell phone or gaming system, turn off the game, leave work on time, and spend valuable time with their children.” Pancake Dad is the first in a 12-book children’s series focused on encouraging fathers to engage with their families, as opposed to merely being present. This series contains five common threads woven throughout each book.

1. A father putting away distractions and actively engaging with his children.

2. A father empowering his daughter to know she can do anything she puts her mind to.

3. A father modeling what it is to be a man to his sons.

4. A father treating the mother of his children as a queen, with respect and love.

5. A father leading his family to a relationship with God.

To read more about Pancake Dad, visit

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