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Live with Purpose: Chase the Dream

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Do you compare yourself to those who’ve done greater exploits? Or evaluate yourself against someone who’s made smaller accomplishments because -perhaps unconsciously- it makes you feel better? Unfortunately, some of us do both! And all are left feeling defeated. No-one wins the comparison game, yet we’re tempted to keep playing it.

The Apostle Paul was clear that those who compare themselves among themselves are not wise. There’s absolutely no accuracy in it! All it does is cause pride to abound and dissatisfaction to destroy. Eventually, comparison distracts us from staying focused on our own unique, God-given purpose. You see, God wants YOU to be YOU. His anointing for your life will only flow through the authentic you. We can be deceived into thinking only those in “the ministry” are fulfilling a big purpose or only those who have a huge platform can make a significant impact. But the reality is God has placed purpose in your heart and what’s currently in your hands is your calling to steward.

Being a businessman for thirty years, I’ve chased a lot of things. Whether it was accolades, materialism or titles, ultimately, I was looking for a sense of fulfillment. We know that most people in our world are searching for true meaning and significance but even for many believers, we struggle with thoughts and insecurities wondering if how we’re spending our days really matters. It wasn’t until I looked at what was in my hands that my calling became clear.

Through applying Kingdom purpose in every aspect of my life from business to faith and family, I’ve learned that God places dreams within the heart of every person and then sits back excitedly waiting for each of us to dare to pursue them. God-sized dreams are exciting yet intimidating. A perfect position for us to be in so that we can apply faith. But here’s the thing- what we do every day doesn’t always feel God-sized. We have to recognize that stewards are responsible and accountable without prompting or prodding. The way we serve others through our talent and treasure, the way we love and serve our family- it’s the everyday decisions and moments that add up to our God-size calling. So, dream big about your unique purpose and look at what’s in your hands to walk it out. It’s never too late to start today!

Lee Domingue Head Shot-Lee Domingue 

Legacy Pastor, Church of the Highlands

Founder, Kingdom Builders,

Author of, Pearls of the King, God’s Game Plan for Life

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