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Let’s Chat About Relationships: Commitments with Ken+Leslie

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What happens when two people who were in unsuccessful previous marriages finally meet their love match? For Ken and Leslie Gordon, they fall in love, get married, move to Birmingham and start a radio show aimed at helping others like them navigate their relationships and keep God at the center.

The husband and wife duo, who planted House of Light Church in downtown Birmingham shortly after relocating to Alabama, also started the “Commitments with Ken+Leslie” radio show which airs every Sunday from 5-7 p.m. on WXJC Radio FM 101.1 ~ AM 850. “The goal of the show is to provide hope, healing and help to listeners,” says Ken. “We believe when your life is aligned with God, your other commitments have a better chance at success.” The show puts special focus on people who are divorced, or going through divorce, to help them through a painful, confusing period in their lives. The show features guests from all over the country, many who have written articles and books about committed relationships.

The show features a conversational style that highlights Ken’s inspirational, and often amusing, perspective and Leslie’s tell it like it is, candid advice based on her real-world experience.

Listen to “Commitments with Ken+Leslie” every Sunday from 5-7 p.m. on WXJC Radio FM 101.1 ~ AM 850.

Ken and Leslie feel they are uniquely qualified to lead the conversations about starting life and love over again after divorce. The couple met in 2014 after ending their previous marriages. Both had children and were skeptical of finding love again after divorce. After meeting, the two quickly realized it was possible to find love again and just four months after first meeting, they became engaged. They married later that year and immediately began sharing with others how to have a successful relationship with God at the center.

“You can’t talk about any commitments without talking about your ultimate commitment – your commitment to God,” says Leslie. To that end, conversations on the radio show shift between marriage, divorce, dating, and many situations in between and the duo encourages listeners to call in and join the conversations. They talk about divorce; about marriage and making sure you are doing the things that keep you from getting to divorce; about dating and making sure you make the right choice in the beginning; and about keeping God at the center of your life. Ken and Leslie talk about it all and encourage everyone to tune in and join the conversation!

-Anita Debro 

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