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Have You Been Injured at a Business?  


Did you know that if you are injured at a business you may have a personal injury claim? Property owners have a duty to people entering their premises to keep them safe from harm. In Alabama personal injury cases where people are injured due to the negligence or fault of a business are called premise liability cases.

What are examples of premise liability cases? Premise liability cases include a wide array of cases where a person is injured at a business. Common examples of these cases include a slip and fall at a grocery store, in a parking lot or in a restaurant, being burned by hot coffee, being injured on defective stairs, falling in unseen ice, sitting in a chair that breaks or a table at a restaurant breaking and causing injuries.

However just because you are injured at a business, you do not automatically have a claim. There are laws in Alabama to protect businesses so that they are responsible only for injuries that they caused or could have prevented. In Alabama, in order to have a successful premise liability personal injury claim, you must prove that a business owner knew or should have known that a dangerous condition or defect existed on their premises that could cause harm to customers or people on the premises. There is also a law in Alabama, that the dangerous condition on the premises must not have been open and obvious to the injured person. This means if a condition such as a spill was clearly visible and obvious and the injured person fell merely because he or she was not paying attention or was clumsy, the business is not liable or responsible for that person’s injuries. Any person entering a premises or business is responsible to pay attention to their surroundings. Our office currently handles a large number of these cases each year.

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