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 HAPPY New Year!
unnamedEvery once in a while, my mom will bag up and bring me some “treasures” of the past like old letters, photographs or childhood toys. Among the “treasures” is a note I wrote to my mom and dad many years ago. Judging by the artwork and handwriting— I was about eight or nine years old. Before my mom gave me the letter, she attached a yellow sticky note that simply says, “This is one of my Treasures. I Love You, Momma.”
It was a silly little letter I had composed, but the more I thought about it, the more I saw the value in it. I cannot recall the circumstances that prompted the note, but it is obvious to me my parents had recently been sharing with me an important lesson about the choices God gives us. One of those critical choices is to be, in the words of a child, “happy or sad.” Not to ignore the fact that in this world we face sad and some times tragic situations, it is up to us as to what type of attitude we choose to have when faced with a challenge. Do we look to God for strength and focus on that which is good? Or do we immediately consider how we might fix things and engross ourselves in how difficult life is? Although the circumstances may not lend themselves to feelings of “happiness,” do we allow them to steal our joy?
As we consider the blessings of the past year and the opportunities that await us in 2017, let us thank God for the choices He gives and the joy He offers us each and every day. Happy New Year to You & Your Family!
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