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When I recently looked at old photos of our boys learning to swim, it gently reminded me of the trust God asks us to place in Him for our security and well being and the rewards that will follow when such a relationship exists. Jumping off the wall into the arms of a teacher is tough- especially the first few times! (Tough on the kid… tough on the parent) However, with time, the level of trust builds, the confidence begins to emerge, the anxiety disappears and a smile replaces tears of fear. “Hey, this is great!” is written all over that happy face.

So many times, God requires us to reach out, to trust Him and jump into the plans He has for us. It is so easy to want to run the other way and hide in our fear of what may lie ahead. But think about it. How many times, when you have trusted God to lead you through the unknown challenges that lay ahead, did you not emerge with a new level of confidence, an inner peace, even a thrill of excitement? You just want to exclaim to anyone who will listen, “Hey, this is great!”

Try it! Jump into the arms of God and enjoy a life worth living.

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

-Laurie Stroud

Founder, Christian Family Publications

“Look t the Lord &His Strength, Seek His face always.”

1 Chronicles 16:11

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