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King’s Home Offers New Help for Foster Youth

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Kings Home new home ribbon cutting
King’s Home recently dedicated their Girl’s Transitional Living Program Home as “Jane’s House” in honor of donor, Mrs. Jane Franks.

The girls enrolled in King’s Home Youth: Transitional Living Program have a new house to call home. The Transitional Living Program (TLP) provides an alternative living arrangement for foster youth (ages 16-19) in the custody of Alabama DHR with opportunities to practice independent living skills in a variety of congregate settings with decreasing degrees of care and supervision. Most of all, it is a safe, loving place where young ladies find hope and opportunity in a caring Christian home. “I am excited about supporting these precious young ladies in honor of my parents Byron and Ruby Johnston,” said donor Jane Franks. “My prayer is that this home will be a haven where they can find strength and comfort in a beautiful environment as they grow in their independence.” Seven young ladies moved into the home in September. “Mrs. Jane Franks has been a generous advocate and driving force ensuring these girls get a beautiful and nurturing place to call home while they transition into independence,” said Lew Burdette, President, King’s Home.

A look inside King's Home's new home.
A look inside King’s Home’s new home.

Youth eligible for this level program may be abused, neglected, or exploited and may exhibit mild and/or occasional behavioral and/or emotional problems. The program is designed to allow youth to experience the natural consequences of daily actions and decisions with the safety net of King’s Home program staff (not to rescue but to give support and guidance). Youth can gradually move from needing daily support to being able to cope with being alone, seeking non-agency support systems including friends, mentors, and individuals from church.

Youth in this level of care are basically in good health, and typically meet the criteria below:

  • Behavior that is under control and does not require constant adult supervision
  • Peer relations that are generally positive
  • Generally compliant with staff and have shown the ability to function at this level of care
  • Do not pose a safety risk to the community or other youth in the facility
  • Able and willing to participate in one or more of the following: High School, a vocational training program, college, GED preparation, and/or part-time or full-time employment.

Learn more about this program and other services provided by King’s Home at www.kingshome.com. †



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