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Jonathan’s Way

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We have two roads that lead to our home- one road curves sharply with lots of hills and valleys, the other road is basically straight. Although the routes are very different, they both take about the same amount of time to reach our doorstep. Growing up, my son Jonathan loved to take the curvy route. Older brother Benton preferred to “go straight!” Son Trae vacillated between the two. He liked both routes and faithfully served as my accountability partner, reminding me whose turn it was- “Mom, don’t forget, Jonathan’s way this time! Turn Mom, Turn!”

As Christians, isn’t it wonderful to know that even though we may not each take the same path, as long as our hearts and minds are set on “getting home” we can be assured that we will reach the same heavenly destination. At times the path may be filled with hills and valleys, at other times it may seem to be a “boring” straight line, but He is with us all the way- leading us His Way to our heavenly home.

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