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Jesus Sees Us Where We Are…

Every  Family Deserves Hope 


It seems like only a few weeks ago I was joking about how people would declare 2020 to be the year of clarity or vision. Here we are a few months later and nothing feels farther from the truth. The goals and resolutions that we set for ourselves back in January feel like distant memories. Now we find ourselves asking questions like, What will tomorrow look like? and What will next month look like?

At The Foundry, for the men and women that we serve in Christ-centered, addiction recovery, these questions only add to the feelings of uncertainty. On top of it all, they are being told to stay home and to isolate. Those battling addiction understand that isolation is the worst possible scenario. For those who already feel like they are alone even in a room full of people, social distancing can drive them deeper into their addictions. Families working through addiction issues with their loved ones also have a myriad of questions and concerns. Are we going to make it? and How long can we go on like this?

At The Foundry we believe that Every Family Deserves Hope. Hope that there will be a better tomorrow. Hope that God sees me where I am and will keep me in His hands. The great news is, He does see us all, and He is keeping us in His hands.

The Foundry offers life-changing, residential recovery services, but more than anything we offer the hope that Jesus sees us where we are, and He refuses to leave us there all alone. As the body of believers, we have an opportunity to be The Church in ways that have a significant impact. While our Sunday mornings have been altered, we have seen creative ways to remain engaged. The need for ministries that offer a lifeline to those struggling and in need has never been greater.

As we are all looking for our new normal, I encourage you to look for creative ways to be the hands and feet of Christ and make them part of your new normal.

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Andrews is CEO of the Foundry and has served in ministry for more than 25 years. His family worships at and serves through Church of the Highlands. To learn more about The Foundry, please visit


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