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Is Now the Time to Buy and Sell?

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COVID-19 has dramatically impacted our world. Brian Camp of Waterstone Homes says the pandemic has positively impacted the buying and selling market by bringing the lowest interest rates in history. “It’s a great time to buy right now,” Camp says, adding that the biggest hurdle current buyers will face is finding exactly what they want since the market is so hot. “It’s definitely a seller’s market right now.”

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Find pictures of Brian Camp’s most recent projects on his Facebook page, @BrianCampCustomHome.

What are buyers today looking for? Camp explains that the biggest difference between current buyers and buyers years ago centers around renovations. People are currently desiring homes with little to no needed renovations. If you are thinking about selling your home soon, it’s important to realize most potential buyers are looking for updated homes; not a fixer upper.

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Brian Camp of Waterstone Homes has been in the business of buying, selling and building homes for over 20 years.

Camp has been in the realty business for over 20 years. He helps families not only buy and sell homes, but also build homes. As he starts helping families make building decisions, he finds that most are surprised by the rise of construction costs. One reason for the rise, Camp explains, is a lumber shortage that has increased demand. Should you wait to build? Camp suggests starting to build now, even with the higher costs. Why? Because building costs will continue to rise year after year but the current low interest rates, that will help you save money, won’t last. Camp and his team strive to make the building process as hassle free for customers as possible. Camp helps customers through the whole process including finding property, budgeting, evaluating, considering equity, and selling their home. “I’d say I help at least half of my customers through the transition of selling, finding property, building and moving.”

Most of Camp’s projects are in St. Clair County, but he also has home projects in Jefferson and Shelby Counties, as well as Gadsden. He shares that he enjoys helping families find the right home and fixing problems that come along the way. As he looks back over the years and thinks about past market crashes and times of uncertainty, he finds assurance that God always takes care of His children- even during a pandemic.

-Melissa Armstrong

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