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I Know the Plans I Have For You…

Miracle Moments

Brought to you by: Molly Maid of Birmingham,

In 2009 at the age of 30 I was paralyzed from the waste down from an overdose. My body was swollen triple in size. After months of seeing doctors in Birmingham and Nashville, I was diagnosed and given an in-home IV infusion of immunogammaglobulin for 10 months. The doctor said it was a shot in the dark and not to have false hope of walking again. Over the months of being paralyzed, I began to grow close to God. Then, just when I trusted again my fiancé whom I was to marry in six months was killed in a car accident. I had lost everything except my faith in God. People would stare at me in grocery stores and ask me questions. One time someone said “You are too young and beautiful to be in this wheelchair. Is this temporary?”  I was in so much mental pain, but I trusted God. One day in Walgreens I was rolling along behind my mother and a man approached me. He began to speak Jeremiah 29:11 over me and followed up with, “On Christmas Eve you will walk up a flight of steps. And in time, you will reach many for the glory of God.” 

Alana and her mother Lee
Alana Bevis with her mother Lee who witnessed her miraculous recovery. “At one point I thought I had truly lost my daughter completely. I couldn’t reach her through love or support. I had to completely let go and let God,” explains Lee Bevis.

That was June. The next six months would prove to be the most painful months of my life. I was mourning the loss of my love and the loss of my legs. But I would not give up. I talked my doctor into giving me a walker. I thought if I just had a goal in front of me that I could try harder. I fell probably 500 times in those months. But I just kept getting back up. Tears and pain were the biggest part of my life. On my birthday that year, November 8, I walked into my doctor’s office with the assistance of my walker for the first time. He passed me in the hallway and looked as if he had seen a ghost. He summoned for his staff and we all cried together. According to the doctor, this was truly a miracle from God. This gave me the incentive to keep going. I was determined that nothing was going to sit me down for good. On Christmas Eve that year, I walked up the steps of my grandparents deck unassisted. It was painful, but I did it. Over the next couple of years my legs became stronger. I grew closer and closer to God, craving his words. My doctor insisted it was just pure determination and gave many explanations of how powerful the mind is, as if he were convincing himself how this had happened. I was treated by the best with no explanations of how my balance, gait, and strength were restored. The doctors still have no explanations as to how my feet are working. I still do not have reflexes or much sensation. They still do not know how I am walking, but I do. I serve a God who gave me a Jeremiah 29;11 promise, and He is not slack on his promises. I stayed sober for a couple more years and relapsed on methamphetamine for a short while. I have been clean and sober, delivered and filled with the holy spirit since October 2017. God has truly kept his word. He is using me to minister to children and women in recovery. I am also in nursing school to become a Registered Nurse in medical missions for Jesus Christ. My life is not my own and I will spend every breath giving God glory and testifying to the miracles He has preformed in my life. Never give up. God has a so much joy in store for you!

-Alana Bevis 

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

If you have a Miracle that you would be willing to share, please email [email protected]. Subject Line: Miracle Moments or call 205-408-7150.

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