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God can seem hard to understand. So can you. So can I. Add to that what God’s doing in us and who we’re meant to be in the world, and it’s easy for a typical Jesus-follower to feel a bit lost. I Am a Field by Jeff Davenport was written to help you get a sense of who God is, who you are, and what God’s doing in you… through the Biblical metaphor of God being like a farmer and your life being like a field. It’s also full of stories, conversational language, and hopefully some funny bits.

Best Books I Am A Field Author Headshot Iron Stream Jan 20Who’s it for? It’s for the auto insurance broker in Tulsa who’s been following Jesus since he was twelve. It’s for the soccer mom in Des Moines who’s realizing day-to-day life is lulling her faith to sleep. It’s for the college kid in Philadelphia who’s just coming to know Jesus and is unsure of what that journey will look like. If you’re wanting to get a better sense of what God is growing inside your life, I Am a Field is for you. †


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