Hotel Mission Field

HoneyWord BibleEvery 12 months more than one billion travelers stay in hotels throughout the U.S. and Canada, and studies indicate that more than 5% (50 million) will pick up and read whatever is in their nightstand drawer. For decades, adults have been blessed with finding the Word of God in hotel and motel room drawers. And for many, reading it has changed their lives forever. Although most hotels house a Gideon Bible, there’s little evidence that child-like travelers pick up and read the plain, one-color book. That’s why HoneyWord Kideons (for child-like “kids” of all ages) are placing the easy-to-read and easy-to-understand HoneyWord Bible in hotels throughout North America, starting in the Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport. HoneyWord, a nonprofit that creates and distributes easy to understand and remember devotionals, Bibles and online materials, is spearheading the project and seeking sponsors of “1 Bible in 1 room for 1 year.” To learn more visit or call Dr. Emmett Cooper, 352-457-4444.



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