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Healthy Living: YMCA of Greater Birmingham

Spring is here! A Time for Family Renewal 


In this busy lifestyle of changing schedules, heavy workloads, jam-packed school agendas and electronic communication, the renewal month of April at the YMCA of Greater Birmingham provides opportunities to pull your family together and have some good old quality time – in-doors and out – in an activity you can all enjoy. Your local Y offers something for everyone in your family. As a group, your entire family can take a tennis class, enjoy working out, swimming, dancing, cycling, yoga and just about anything else between our 10 locations in the greater Birmingham area.

The relationship between parent and child can be the primary source of health in a young person’s life and a powerful motivator for adults to build more health into their own lives. Family time at the Y is about giving families as a unit, and as individuals, the opportunities to deepen relationships, develop new skills and interests, improve health and well-being, and connect to the community.

Every family can be a healthy family. By focusing your family’s efforts to live healthier around the Y’s five pillars of a healthy family home and taking small steps using the information and tools we provide, your family will soon be feeling stronger and living healthier.

1. Eat Healthy – The easiest way to start is by replacing sugary drinks with good old water! Next, strive to include at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables into your daily meals. Finally remember portion control – each family member should only eat as much as their own body needs for energy.

2. Play Every Day – Play may be the best way to prevent childhood obesity. By putting more play into your family’s day, you will soon find yourself getting the activity that will have your family feeling energized and strong.

3. Get Together – Strong relationships are one of the cornerstones of health and well-being, and few relationships are as important as those between adults and children. The time and attention that you invest now will help your children live, grow and thrive.

4. Go Outside – Good things happen when we unplug and go outside to play together. Kids and adults benefit from contact with nature as well as unstructured play and exploration.

5. Sleep Well – Sleep is an essential part of healthy living. So many good things happen when our minds and bodies are resting so don’t forget to make sure your family is getting the rest that you all need.

We invite you to join the growing community of parents and children who are working and playing their way toward a healthier tomorrow. Call (205) 324-4563 or logon to YMCABHAM.ORG to find the location near you and have some family fun!

-YMCA of Greater Birmingham, 

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