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Advancements at St. Vincent’s 119 & St. Vincent’s East


????????????????????????????????????St. Vincent’s One Nineteen recently completed the first surgery, a Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) implant, in its new outpatient surgery center. Otologist Grayson Rodgers, MD, performed the surgery, one of the first BAHA implants in Shelby County. The BAHA device helps patients with hearing loss who are not candidates for a traditional hearing aid. The device transmits sound waves through the bones in the skull to stimulate the cochlea – completely bypassing the outer and middle ear. The new outpatient surgery center offers a range of same-day surgical procedures, learn more at

Healthy Living ST V East Chest Pain Center St V Leadership March 16
St. Vincent’s leadership at the opening of the St. Vincent’s East Chest Pain Center.

St. Vincent’s East now offers patients a dedicated Chest Pain Center. “With chest pain, every second counts,” said Michael Korpiel, Pres. and COO of St. Vincent’s East, St. Vincent’s Blount, and St. Vincent’s St. Clair. “That’s why St. Vincent’s East continues to invest in efforts like our Chest Pain Center and our recent national Chest Pain Center accreditation to help ensure that we are offering our patients the latest and best practices from across the country.” St Vincent’s was recently named the first and only health system in the nation to hold the highest Society of Cardiovascular Patient Care (SCPC)’s heart accreditations in all three areas, including Chest Pain Center,




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