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Neuropathy Treatment Yields Success for Area Patients


Since opening a year ago, the team at the Neuralife Institute in Hoover has seen some dramatic results for patients suffering from neuropathy and chronic nerve conditions. “It’s so rewarding to hear the staff share, ‘Guess what, she is available to feel her feet for the first time. He is able to wiggle his toe. She is able to walk,” explains Neuralife Administrator Paul Todd who describes the Neuralife treatment as a breakthrough electromedical treatment proven to alleviate the pain, tingling, burning and numbness resulting from neuropathy and chronic nerve conditions. It successfully treats neuropathic symptoms resulting from illness and disease as well as from injury and accidents.

Todd shares how one patient, forced to use a cane due to neuropathy, no longer needed his cane after treatment and returned to his love of fishing- even bringing the staff some of his lobster catch! Another patient is attending Alabama football games again because he can walk up the stairs now without pain.

The research backing up the treatment shows that in more than four out of five patients (87%), treatment resolved or significantly reduced neuropathy symptoms. “It works on some people and on some it does not,” explains Todd whose team carefully evaluates patients as candidates and follows accepted patients for a year. So far the team has not had any patients experience any kind of regression following treatment.

The Neuralife treatment takes place over multiple sessions typically spanning a 4-6 week period. Patients often begin noticing improvement within 3-4 treatment sessions. The length of each individual treatment session is usually about 40 minutes. On average, patients are scheduled for 2-3 treatment sessions per week during the treatment course. Depending on many individual patient factors, including severity of symptoms, the total number of treatments can vary from a low of 8-12 sessions to as many as 16-24.

After her 7th treatment one patient shared, “I had a stroke and the right side of my body was paralyzed. Before treatment my fingers on the right hand drooped. Now I can eat, hang clothes, do laundry, and make up the bed using both hands. I am more confident walking than I was before and I am starting to drive again. Anyone with neuropathy needs this treatment!”

The treatment is currently not covered by insurance but the Institute does offer financing options. To learn more call 205-206-7114 or visit


The Neuralife Team treats patients at its Hoover office, 1849 Data Drive, Suite 1,

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