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Fight Mental Decline by Staying Socially Engaged


 Recent research shows that people who actively use hearing devices have a lower risk of mental decline as they age. They tend to stay more engaged in an active social life. Healthy hearing helps since using proper hearing technology decreases the effort and stress associated with discerning speech.

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No more tunnel hearing. Until now, traditional hearing aids have not been able to process sound quickly enough to help you hear all the way around you. They would focus just on the speech directly in front of you and suppress everything else. You could hear the person you were looking at, but not much else. It wasn’t perfect, but has been the best that hearing aids have been able to do. Now, a revolutionary hearing device allows you to hear the way you should –All the way around. The Oticon Opn™ represents a giant leap in hearing device technology. Its processor chip is 50 times faster than anything Oticon has ever built — a quantum leap in speed. That’s fast enough to break out of the tunnel and help you hear in all directions, the way you were born to hear. When Opn unwraps hearing to a full 360 degrees, many amazing things happen. Sounds are adjusted and balanced all around you, not just directly in front of you. Opn separates speech from noise and lets you focus on what is important. Opn works in harmony with your brain to process sounds exceptionally fast, yielding better speech understanding, less listening fatigue, and better retention of conversations.

Opportunity to Learn More. Birmingham Speech and Hearing will premier this exciting new hearing technology at an Oticon Expo Event August 1-4, featuring Oticon Audiologist Mr. Norm Greenleaf. Call 205-871-3878 today for an appointment time to participate in the Expo and find out more about how Oticon Opn could help you enjoy better speech understanding and reduce your listening effort.
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Cynthia J. Serota, Director 

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